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  1. Every owner who raises a Corgi dog will feel the happiness of the dog. When buying a Corgi dog, the owners need to know whether the dog is pure breed. This is the most important thing for the purchase of Corgi dog Essence So how should we identify the pure species of Corgi dogs? Today, I will take everyone to see how.
    Pure breed Corgi


    purebred Corgi dog's head cover bone is wide, the eyes are brown, golden or milky yellow fur is flat Straight or wave -shaped, tail and back parallel, long side hair. The thicker the claws, the better, the bone volume is sufficient. This is very important. The more hair, the better. You can grab one with your hands. If it feels very comfortable, after the hand is loose, the hair will return to The hair quality is very good. The top of the purebred Cocylin head has a bone protruding later, otherwise it will be impure. The pure -breed Cocky dog ​​will not show white when looking straight ahead, but when choosing a small Corgi dog, you must not buy such dogs. All mammals have a characteristic. After the eyes are born and growing up, the size of the eyeballs changes very small. When many people were young, their eyes were quite big, and they became smaller when they grew up because their eyes itself. Therefore, when buying a little Cordy dog, pet dogs should be appropriately exposed, pay attention to appropriately. The ears of the purebred Corgi dog will not be too large. Holding the tip of the ears, the Corgi dog that just covers Corgi's eyes is a standard purebred Corgi dog.
    The knowledge is power. Only by mastering how to distinguish the relevant knowledge of the Corgi dog can a real purebred Cocyle dog be selected among many Corgi dogs.
    The owners must believe in science, because only by using scientific methods to buy the price of Corgi dogs, we can buy our most satisfied dog.
    When buying a Corgi dog, the owner should pay attention to the mental state of the dog, because a healthy and excellent Corgi dog must be spiritual, and the unhealthy dogs are very depressed. So I hope that the above methods can help everyone buy the dogs they are satisfied with.

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