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    The borders shepherds are native to the Scottish border. They are naturally intelligent, strong in learning, will be observed, and they will open the door. They crushed many dogs and are loved by many dog ​​lovers. Whether as a working dog or a pet dog, they can be perfect. But do you know how to judge whether Bian Mu is pureb or string? If you don't know, let's learn with Xiaobian!

    The first point: Face shape
    The face shape is the first feature of distinguishing purebred edge and skewers, because the face shape of purebred edge is a little "curved" From the top of the head to the tip of the nose, there is an obvious part of the sinking part in the middle of the eyes. The face shape of the skewers looks straight. Therefore, when buying, the pet owner can first look at the face shape of Bian Mu.
    It points: Mouth type
    mi Mu's mouth is wider for Su Mu. Bian Mu's mouth is "U" type. This shape is the shape of the horizontal direction of the mouth in the horizontal direction.
    Third point: Eyes
    The eyes of purebred edge are round, and they are very godly and look very smart. If it is a skewers, then its eyes will be relatively slender, and the eyes will be relatively not agile. Therefore, when choosing a puppy, you can watch your eyes. You must choose bright and shiny. Such dogs are healthier.
    The fourth point: Ear
    If you are a person who has raised borders since he was a child, you must know that the ears of Bian Mu will become erected or semi -standing. If you find that your house is beyond the past two months old, your ears are still likely to be string. Because the general pure border herds should be erected or stood up for two months.
    Fifth point: body shape
    If the puppy looks thinner, it is careful! The legs of purebred puppies are relatively thick, and the legs of the skewers are relatively slender. As long as you observe it carefully, it is easy to find this difference.
    In the above 5 methods, do you know how to choose a purebred edge? If you are worried about being deceived, it is more secure to remind everyone that you can go to a regular dog or pet shop. The regular dog can provide parental information, chip information, and genetic disease detection information, which are more secure and reliable.

  2. Selecting a purebred border shepherd, depending on the face. The pure -breed border shepherd has a bending face in the middle of the face, and its eyes are very godly and strong.

  3. Choosing a purebred border shepherd can use the following ways: observe whether the border herd is very lively, love or not to eat, and test whether the nose of the puppies is moist.

  4. To choose a purebred border animal husbandry, the first must be purchased in a regular dog, so that you can reproduce the normal border herd. Second, it depends on whether there is a qualified certificate for Bian Mu.

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