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  1. Welsh Corgi Dog (detail introduction)
    Many owners are very serious when helping dogs bath, but when they blow hair For a long time, some owners are ending when they help them blow seven or eight, but it is often easy to cause dog's skin diseases. Therefore Dry and keep your health.

    . When the pet dog is finished, please dry the dog with a towel first. You can gently massage the dog's body during the wiping process, so that the pet dog can be more Relax your body and make it less exclusive to wipe your body and blow hair.
    2. Blowing the pet dogs must first debug the aircraft air volume, don't be too hot, and don't cool the wind, especially in the cold winter, do not use cold wind to blow the dog's body. Cold by illness.
    . If there is a water sweepper, use the water sweepstake to be brutally dried by the hair, and then use the hair dryer to be completely dry by the hair.
    . Do not use a hair dryer to face the dog's eyes, mouth and other sensitive parts when blowing hair for pet dogs. During the blowing process, you can blow along the direction of the hair. You can use a comb to sort out.
    In the dog after taking a shower, it must be fully dried up by the hair. Otherwise, if the hair is too humid, it will easily provide a good living environment for the bacteria, which will cause the dog's skin problems. Therefore, as long as it is bathing, the owner must not be afraid of trouble, and must be dried up by the hair.

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