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  1. First of all, before blowing the dog, it should have a good mentality as a parent. It is also a careful job to blow the dog with hair. It requires the owner to treat it patiently and carefully. Of course, before you blow the dog, you have to prepare tools, a good water -absorbent towel, and a hair dryer.
    . After the pet dog is finished, please dry the dog with a towel first. During the wiping process, you can gently massage the dog's body. This can make the pet dog relax more. Make it less exclusive to wipe the body and blow the hair.
    Third, blowing hair for pet dogs must first debug the aircraft volume of the hair dryer. Do not be too hot or cool, especially in the cold winter. Do not use cold wind to blow the dog's body. Dogs are sick and cold.
    Fourth, do not use a hair dryer to face the dog's eyes, mouth and other sensitive parts when blowing hair for pet dogs. During the blowing process, you can blow along the direction of the hair. You can use a comb to sort out.
    Essentially speaking, blowing the dog is like blowing hair. Be careful, patient, and move the hair dryer reasonably. Don't stare at a certain part of the dog. It is not difficult to blow hair for pet dogs. As long as you are willing to spend time and energy, you will definitely complete this task.

  2. First of all, spread a soft bath towel on the beauty table and prepare a small pillow to let the dog lie on the pillow naturally. If there is an unclean eye excrement under the eyes, you can use a combing to comb the eye dirt to clean up.
    Is before combing the hair, prepare water quality nutrient solution from the height of about 20-30 cm from the upper part of the dog, spray the nutrient solution so that it naturally falls on the dog hair. In the hair, it can not only play a moisture to increase the toughness of the hair, but also supplement the nutrition of the hair. When combing the dry hair, it will generate electrostatic, making the hair more fragile and easy to break. And slightly wet hair can not only make the brush or comb through the hair easily and the hair is not damaged due to the increase of the toughness of the hair. But there should be no too much when spraying nutrients.
    This gently pressed the unscolored hair on the left hand, and the right hand holding a brush first dial a layer of hair to gradually sort out the root of the hair from the tip of the hair. After the determination is fully dredged, there is still an unblocked part with the discharge. Similarly use this method to sort it backwards.
    Is when combing the hair on the ear, the left hand supports the hair on the ears, and gradually combed along the edge of the auricle to the other end from one end of the ear root (including the outer hair of the outer hair and the inner hair of the ear). During the dog movement, the friction of the ears and necks can easily produce nodules around the eloquent roots and necks. Carefully check and sort out when combing.
    The hair on the neck, chest and abdomen, forearm, and back hair; naturally transition from the chest and abdomen to the waist, hips, hind limbs; sort out the tail hair; The dead corner of ignoring.
    Ifly if the method of combing is properly sorted out 2-3 times a week, it can be sorted out by each hair, instead of combing the surface hair that is easy to comb. Ignoring it, this means that your dog will enter the malignant cycle of hair management. If you can comb the method correctly and combine hair on time on time, the dog's hair will never be tangled.

  3. In principle, take a bath for the dogs. Do not wash your face
    because the face is easy to make the eyes get into the water, which will irritate the eyes. In severe cases, it will be inflamed
    n If the dog belongs to the long hair dog
    This on the face is too dirty, you can consider the place where it is easy to use the local hair dryer to blow to the place
    PS. Tips: Go to the supermarket to buy fried corn noodles, dipping a little dipping some The water is on the dog's hair, then sprinkle with corn surface, wrap it with hands or towels, rub it! Slowly, it will be clean, that is, to sweep the floor after rubbing ...

    Is when blowing hair
    The hair dryer should be left as far as possible, the wind is small, shake and change the place at any time to avoid the local temperature of the dog too fast dog Dogs are uncomfortable
    In some hair dryers will emit a difficult smell at high temperature. Generally, do not directly take the wind at the dog directly towards the dog, diagonal or swing
    The process ~

  4. See what kind of dog you are, it is recommended that if you are a big dog, you can go to the pet shop to recover a hair dryer. The wind is large, and the water on the dog is basically blowing away by the wind. Then use the warm air to sort out and dry.

  5. It takes time to give Teddy's hair and be patient.
    Puk of the dog after taking a shower, take a normal hair dryer to blow the hair, and use a needle to comb with a needle. In addition, we should press the hair with the hair, hold the hair in one hand, comb the combing with a needle with a needle, and move the position slowly while combing with the hair. The hair dryer does not need to be too large, and the hair is straight before the hair is completely dry.
    This need to have a hair dryer, or someone helps you hold a hair dryer to get it.

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