3 thoughts on “Is there a cat and dog market near Beijing Changping?”

  1. There are pet shops, you can search for the holy pet Changping pet shop, or find it on the official website of the holy pet. Essence
    It if you are interested in the pet industry -the official website of Holy Pet -understand 1. Opening the pet shop, the entire process of opening the store and profitability 2. Learn pet beauty, dog training, we have special training teachers, and all of which are all It is a well -known domestic game for many times, and the salary after graduation is also very considerable. 3. Learn about the relevant knowledge of pet maintenance. 4. Buy dogs, often more than 60 dog species, click customer service to understand. 5. Understand the knowledge of pet medical and dog breeding

  2. I know one is that there is a dog market in the Shahenan Bridge. There are only pet shops in the county. I hope my answer can help you!

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