1 thought on “How to set the pet dog chain (how to set the dog traction rope)”

  1. 1. How to set the dog chain.

    2. How to set a triangle in the dog chain.

    3. How to set the pet dog chain.

    4. How to set the dog traction rope.

    1. There are two types of puppy chain.

    2. The first is the dog chain that is directly covered on the neck. Just put the chain on the neck and adjust the tightness. Generally, it is better to put a finger in one finger.

    3. The second type is a strap type. The first unlock the chain, put the dog's front feet in the two caves of the two sizes of the dog chain, and then let its head wear After another large hole, adjust the tightness of the rope, and it is advisable to drill out.

    4. Different varieties of dogs have different sets of sets. Generally, medium and large dog puppies can directly put the neck with the collar and add the traction rope.

    5. Short -headed varieties are like bullfighting. It is recommended to use a strap to pull the rope.

    6. Deep chest dogs such as golden retriever and German dogs. It is not recommended to use a strap traction rope, because it will hold the chest and affect the development of the dog's chest.

    7. The pet owner should develop the habit of using the traction rope when you go out, and let the dog adapt from childhood.

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