1 thought on “The dog's feet feel a bit curved, why is the dog's feet curved?”

  1. It may be a bit calcium! There are a lot of calcium supplements, and the milk calcium tablets on E pet are good! However, it is reminded that calcium supplementation cannot be replenished.
    If the dog is a regular dog food, small dogs are generally not prone to calcium deficiency, so do not need to make up. Large dogs do not need to supplement calcium within 4 months! After 4 months, the actual situation of Genjun should be supplemented in an appropriate amount, and you should not blindly supplement calcium supplementation. Excessive calcium supplementation can cause bone problems, and it may hinder the development of bones! For example, long legs and short legs.
    The is a lack of calcium and how much, these are best to be determined by the doctor after going to the hospital for examination! You can't make up for it without authorization!

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