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  1. What should I do if the dog is not eating well?
    If your dog does not eat well, we must know what causes it before correction.
    . There are many reasons that affect the appetite of the dog, but the main ones are the following 3 points:
    1. In terms of feed: one is because the feed is single, not fresh, and odor. It is because the feed contains a large amount of chemical condiments, or the irritating smells such as aroma and spicy taste, and special sweet or salty foods, all affect the appetite of the dog. Third, long -term consumption, single taste. Dog food can be replaced appropriately.
    2. The place for feeding is not suitable: such as strong light, noisy, several dogs fight for food together, and strangers are present or other animals interference.
    3, disease: Dogs do not like to eat, dog owners must also consider disease problems. For example, pay attention to observe whether there are abnormal performances in all departments of dogs? Does the dog's body temperature exceed 39.5 degrees? Do you have diarrhea? How to find problems and ask veterinarians in time.
    . Dogs do not eat well, how to correct it?
    1. If the dog eats all the dog food within the prescribed time, then the next time you should eat, you still put a sufficient amount of dog food in the basin. This is a well -performed dog, which basically does not need to be corrected.
    2. If the dog only ate a part of the dog food within the prescribed time, you should immediately take away the basin. No matter how much it left, it only provides the weight of the leftovers at the next meal.
    3. If the dog eats the dog food in the basin this time, you can get a normal weight when you eat the next meal.
    4. If the dog still has not finished eating, at the next meal, it still provides the weight of this leftovers, and only provides the weight of the last leftovers until it is completely eaten.

    Love Tips:
    1. Some dogs are very stubborn and can insist on not eating for three or four days until you yield. At this time, it is time for you to compete; you must know that as long as you have sufficient drinking water, you do n’t eat for three or four days or even longer, it will not damage the dog's health. People who are always worried about their dogs will starve to death, and they can't raise healthy dogs!
    2. If you do n’t want pets to only be interested in fragrant food, you have to let your pets use feed as the only main food during the meal. During meals, let the dogs develop the habit of concentrating on dining. If there is no meal within 20 minutes, put the feed away and wait until the next meal time is provided; There are also bad habits that have to be eaten.

  2. The weather becomes hot, and dogs do not like to eat like people. This phenomenon is normal, so shoveling officers can not worry, but they should be slightly less when preparing the dogs. Dogs eat spoiled foods, so what do shovel officers do when the dog eats? Today, I will talk about our specific approach.
    1. Do not eat a single dog food for a long time
    do not let the dog eat a dog food for a long time, and change to a type after a period of time to ensure the nutritional balance of the greatest extent, but pay attention to two kinds of dogs. Grain is mixed and feeds, so that the dogs can adapt to new dog food. In hot weather, the dog's appetite is not good, and the shoveling officer can mix dog food with some refreshing things. For example, yogurt, cheese, wonderful fresh bags and the like can be placed in the refrigerator, and then the taste and good food. Also note that dogs or dog foods that have spoiled foods or dog foods will also cause dogs to have no appetite.
    2. Dogs have bad faults of picky food
    dogs picky food is a very serious problem, because this habit is basically spoiled by shoveling officers. With the taste, it does not eat. Even if you are hungry, you do n’t eat. At this time, the shoveling officers must not spoil your dog. It must take tough measures to correct the bad problems of dogs.
    3. Or other pets approach it, let alone touch its hair while eating.
    4. Regularly giving the dog's body deworming
    The factor that specializes in dog food, is the dog's disease problem. We must carefully observe whether the dog's body is unusual. If If you find a problem, go to the doctor in time and ask the veterinarian diagnosis and treatment in time. For example, gastroenteritis, lack of vitamins, parasites, small, dog plague and other diseases can reduce the appetite of dogs.

  3. Some dogs have not seen it for a long time, have no appetite, resisting eating, etc. So why do dogs do not like to eat. Let's analyze the reason.
    1 feed
    too only a single feed and not fresh and irritating smell, so that it is unwilling to eat. When the feed contains a large amount of chemical flavoring agents and particularly sweet or particularly salty foods, the feed will be when it will Affects its appetite.
    2 physical reasons
    dogs do not like to eat, that may also be sick, people do not like to eat dogs when they are sick. Once they are sick Parents should check whether the dog is sick.
    3 is not suitable for the place
    The dog will not eat in a new place or it feels dangerous.
    How to solve the dog does not like to eat
    1 dry food and wet food at the same time, so as to avoid the dog food that feed too much, the dogs that are too single -led to no longer like to eat, and you can buy some dogs. The snacks are fed to it and mixed with it.
    2 Feed regularly, like people regularly, do not feed too much snacks on time, and some dog snacks will naturally not eat the main food anymore.
    3 Strengthen exercise, strengthen the amount of exercise of dogs, and increase the amount of exercise to speed up the body's needs for food will make it more appetite. While adding the appetite of the dog, it also allows the dog to get reasonable exercise, which is just two birds with one stone.
    4 Give the dog to change the taste
    Coustically replace the taste to avoid the dog in the dog's impressive heart, the snack can be used as a training reward to eat it, which not only increases the dog's interest in eating. The purpose of training dogs and forming good eating habits. It is worth noting that when the dog is sick, do not mix the medicine in its food, which will make it resist the food. Even if there is no medicine, it will not like to eat. Therefore The pills are carried out separately.

  4. 1. Dog hunger treatment. First hungry the baby in the house, let him stop eating for 24 hours, and give the dog sufficient drinking water during the food stop. Generally, dogs can be recovered on the next day.

    2. Increase the mouth of food. You can mix some lamb slices, and so on.

    The purpose is to eat more dog food on the face of the dog. The dogs are always swallowed by all brains, and they are still beautiful. Some dogs with picky eaters may have picked meat in mixed dog food, but they still eat a lot of dog food by the way. There are places to pay attention to this method. Parents should try to eat dogs as hot as possible, because the water content in the meat is high.

    3. Parents with dogs may find that their babies like to eat sweets, so they give dogs regularly feeding sweets. Over time, don't say dogs, even parents will be tired. So even if the dog has a good appetite for a certain snack, parents are asked to replace them diligently. And dogs often eat sweets. Therefore, it is recommended that parents try to give dogs as little as possible, and it is enough to remind parents to master the principles of eating less and more meals a week. If the dog eats too much too much, it often makes it difficult for the dog to digest quickly. Even if it is normal for the next meal to eat less, parents do not need to worry too much.

    4. There are more bacteria in summer. Parents should change their dogs to give the dog a clean and comfortable living environment to prevent dogs from infected with illness. I often take a bath for dogs. Parents are advised to use some flea to remove scrubbing hair to ensure that the dog is clean and comfortable. It will increase the amount of dog eating.

    5. It is cooler at night. Parents can take the dog out for a walk to make the dog's mood happy, which is conducive to enhancing the dog's food.

  5. The reason why dogs do not like to eat
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