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  1. Husky (details introduction)

    The eyes of dogs will also have diseases, so the owner should care more carefully in daily life, so that they can have a bright and refreshing sight Essence Short -nose dog species (such as bullfighting dogs) can see the long depth of field, while the long -nose dog species (such as sheep dogs) have a wide field of vision. Therefore, the dog's vision is not very good, and the skull and nose of the dog will also affect its vision. It is generally believed that most dogs are slightly myopia, and a few have the phenomenon of hyperopia;
    Is when a pet dog is found in the eyes of the pet dog, you should ask the veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible. Do not wipe out cotton swabs or fingers to avoid hurting your eyes. In addition, it is found that dogs often use claws, tears, blinking, red eyes, eyes, colored secretions, or protruding third eyelids.
    Is when carrying a dog, you should prohibit the dog from extending your head out of the car to prevent the eyes from being impacted by insects and causing serious damage. When using any products containing alcohol (such as ear cleansing), you should absolutely avoid touching the eyes.
    When bathing for a dog, avoid the foam of the washing agent to enter the eyes; when washing the eyes, it can cover the eyes and lean your head slightly to prevent the washing liquid from entering the eyes. In case the washing agent enters the eyes, apply a large amount of sterile biological salt water to rinse, and take the clinic if necessary.

  2. Dogs' vision is important. Few people usually pay attention to the health of the dog's eyes. No pet owner to clean the dog's eyes. So, how to avoid the vision of dogs?
    What skills can there be to protect the dog's vision?
    Is when dogs suffer from some infectious diseases (such as canine plague, etc.) At this time, the eyelids are often swollen, and there are a large amount of mucus or purulent secretions in the corners of the eyes. At this time, carefully treat and care for the eyes.
    The protection method is: use 2%boronic acid cotton ball (also use cold water) gently wipe out from the inner corner of the eyes, not to wipe back and forth on the eyes, a cotton ball is not enough, you can change one more until the eyes are not changed until the eyes are not changed. Wipe until it is scrubbed. After scrubbing, some dogs are like sand, often because of too much wrinkles on their heads, and their eye eyelashes are overwhelmed. Pour eyelashes can stimulate the eyeballs, causing the dog's visual blur, conjunctiva inflammation, and corneal turbid. In this regard, one method is to ask the veterinarian to perform surgery, cut into eye drops or eye ointment into the dog's eyes to eliminate inflammation.
    Is partial eyelids (similar to human cutting double eyelid cosmetic surgery). Another method is to remove the eyelashes with tweezers. The wrapped eyelashes of the sand dog are hereditary. Therefore, when purchasing, in addition to checking their bloodlines, they must also understand the shortcomings of their parents.

  3. Inner corners of the dogs often accumulate a small amount of eye shit. In order to protect the dog's eyes, it should be wiped away with wet cotton balls dipped in 2%of boric acid water in time. Some breeds of dogs, such as Beijing dogs, have more tears, and can be washed with 2%boric acid water. The method of cleaning is to use a syringe or eye drops with a needle or eye drops to draw 2%boric acid, fix the dog head with the left hand, and gently inject the washing fluid into the eye crack with the right hand or the eye drops. Gauze sucks the flowing boric acid in time. For dogs of other varieties, if you use 2%boric acid water droplets on a regular basis, it is also good for eye diseases.

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