1 thought on “How do you judge on a weekly dog?”

  1. First, the dog's breathing speed is fast, and whether the breathing of the dog's abdomen is very rapid. Second, see if the body temperature of the dog is normal, bring an electronic thermometer before buying a dog. As for how to measure the body temperature of the dog, you can check Baidu. Third, 99 % of the information selling dog information on the Internet is all weekly dogs, so it is best to go to the pet shop in physical stores to buy it safer, but the pet store may also sell the dogs, but you can pay the deposit first, and then determine the determination When the same dog is observed for a few weeks, you can buy it if you are still healthy for a few weeks. Fourth, buy a dog to sell dogs at home. The places on the outside are all dog traffickers. Dare not take you to his house. When he arrives at his house, it depends on the environment at home and whether the daily necessities at home are complete to judge Is this person living in this home for a long time? Fifth, see if the dog is stained, you can see if the color of the dog's hair is not the same as the surface hair color, and the dyed dog is not alive because of poisoning.

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