5 thoughts on “What protection should the owner of the dog make for himself and his family?”

  1. It is mainly to prevent human and animal diseases such as insects. The dogs raised by their own rabies are rabies vaccine. In fact, rarely carry rabies virus. If you are bitten accidentally, use a lot of soapy water (just rinse the soap while rinse the soap) as soon as possible. As long as the wound is not deep, you don't need to vaccinate. Domestic solemn rabies are sick. Dogs should be more complicated, and there are many pathogens, but they must go to the hospital in time when they are caught. For home support, there are more injuries than bite, so it is best to trim nails and smoothly to protect your family and furniture.

  2. To let them grow up healthily, be deworming regularly, insist on vaccination, keep their diet healthy, dogs cannot eat, and they cannot eat them. If you are unfortunately ill, don't be afraid to spend money, take them to see a doctor as soon as possible. He is your friend, your close partner, and your relatives. Please do not abandon them at this time. Usually educate the dogs not to urinate anywhere, walking out of the dog to pull the dogs and clean up the dogs outside the dog in time. Don't bark. Be a sensible and obedient dog.

  3. For the first time, dogs must pay attention to the dog's epidemic needle -prevention needle must be completely full. Small seedlings, dog plague and seedlings, and rabies breeding. Only after the seedlings are nurtured, they can hold the dog home to contact their children. Secondly, the dog just arrives at home. When you do n’t let your baby go to play with dogs, because the dogs are not familiar with the environment when they first arrive at home, and they are relatively high in their hearts. Excessive movements may cause the dog's self -protection and bite the baby. After the dogs are playing, pay attention to cleaning hands and cleaning to prevent bacteria from harming the baby. Again

  4. To do the dog's vaccine deworming, it is recommended to give it to dogs. Vaccination is especially important. It is beneficial to dogs, dogs, and people around the surrounding people. It is also a responsible attitude and practice. It is recommended that you spend more time with your dog love dogs, interact frequently, and share happiness. This is a win -win situation for dogs to people.

  5. Mainly pay attention to the regular insect repellent and vaccine of pets. Now pets in the city are not like release, and there are not so many parasites and diseases. Just pay attention to hygiene. Dogs' hygiene should also pay attention to, and often take a bath for dogs, which also effectively prevent dogs from carrying bacteria.

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