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  1. Dogs have always been the first choice for people's pets. Whether you are happy or sad, dogs will be with you, loyalty. Any dog ​​will inevitably get sick. At this time, we must be a good owner who is due to the diligence to prevent the disease in time and give it the warmest help!

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    Dogs are sick? Avoid it!
    1. Ensuring a balanced diet: Scientific feeding is the most basic condition for ensuring the health of dogs. Once the dog is malnourished, it is easily troubled by osteoporosis and liver disease, which is quite terrible. Feeding dogs should not be too much or too little. Pay attention to regular quantities, comprehensive and balanced nutrition. It is recommended to choose the right dog food.
    2. Moderate exercise: exercise can enhance the dog's disease immunity. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and exercise with your dog love dogs! Go out with love dogs every day, climb the mountain, and play fun every day, but it's better!
    3. Provide a clean environment: The unclean living environment may easily make dogs infect some diseases, and as the owner, what is it difficult for us to provide a hygienic rest environment for dogs? Disinfection and insecticidal work can be done regularly on dog houses, dogs, and surrounding environments to allow dogs to rest with peace of mind and grow up healthy.
    . Vaccination: vaccination for dogs usually starts at the age of six to ten weeks to stimulate their own immunity to resist the disease. The vaccination is repeated every three or four weeks until the puppies are about four months old. The vaccination of these vaccines can protect your dog's invasion of the disease.
    5. Regular inspection: Another effective way to prevent dogs from getting sick is to take the dog to check regularly, to find the disease in time, and treat it early. Especially for the elderly dogs, the physical conditions are weak, and they should be regularly checked.
    The tips: It is the most correct way to prevent the disease of pet dogs. It is also recommended to do this ~ The above is not difficult for us, isn't it? Love dogs, try to avoid it from being sick!

    Septeropathy? Introduce the Seven Dogs Diseases
    1 1. Dog cough: Infected canine cough cause inflammation of the trachea, throat and bronchial. The infected dog cough will increase, and the infectious germs sometimes runny after five to ten days.
    2. Coronatic virus disease: It is a kind of acute intestinal infectious disease caused by the coronary virus. It is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and recurrence.
    3. Dog epidemic: Its pathogen is a canine plague virus. The diseased dog is characterized by double -phase thermal type, rhinitis, severe digestive disorders, and respiratory inflammation.
    4. Infectious hepatitis: The disease is mainly infected with digestive tract, and placental infections are also possible. Respiratory cases can be infected with respiratory tract. In vitro parasites can become a medium of communication.
    5. Hook -end spiral disease: Hook -end spiral body disease is a natural epidemic infectious disease caused by the pathogenic hook -end spiral body.
    6. Small virus disease: a kind of intense infectious disease with high contact infection. Clinically, acute hemorrhagic enteritis and myocarditis are characterized.
    7. Rabies disease: It is a natural epidemic in infectious diseases caused by natural epidemics caused by rabies virus. Epiderium and extremely high disease mortality.
    The tip: The above is the seven major diseases of dogs and potentially dangerous diseases. Of course, there are so many types of dog diseases. What should I do if my dog ​​is sick? Check the medical treatment in time! Do not have a fluke, think that dogs can be recovered automatically, delaying treatment will only aggravate the condition. Treatment as soon as possible is a good solution!

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    This is very important for dogs to take care of themselves!
    1. Diet: Dogs have no appetite during the illness, eat less meals every day, eat some digestive things, during this period, you can not persist to eat dog food only, rice or buns are better than dog food digestion Put some chicken or chicken soup appropriately to promote the appetite of the dog. During the illness, you must also ensure that the dog is sufficient drinking water.
    2. Exercise: Dogs are sick, sick, and mentally bad. Is this not suitable for exercise? This is not the case. The sick dogs are appropriate to move outdoors. Outdoor air and environment can stimulate the dog's sense of view, play a stimulant, so that dogs can have a desire to restore health.
    3. Others: For dogs who are often lying, they must artificially help the dogs change their posture and prevent bedsores; if the dog wants to go to the toilet and is unable to walk, you can help the dog walk; in the dog During the dog's disease, you can massage the body to help the dog's body blood circulation and have a good soothing effect.
    The tip: Dogs are sick. Needless to say in time, if you want to make your dogs good fast, you need to give your dog carefully. This is very critical.
    In conclusion: Dog health is the greatest wish of the owner. No one wants to be tortured by his own dog love. The dog is sad, and the owner will feel distressed. From the moment we raised dogs, we must take care of the dogs and take care of them wholeheartedly. Dogs are not sick, we can take some preventive measures; dogs are sick and do not have to panic. They can heal early. Dogs are our friends. We must not care about the dogs. I wish all the dogs here healthy and happy! ~

  2. Reduce the probability of dogs' disease shovel officers can take effective measures to prevent factors that cause dogs. Take effective health and epidemic prevention measures to prevent diseases, and adhere to the principle of preventing heavy control is the extremely important work in dog breeding and breeding.
    If measures ① The dog's drinking water should be sufficient while ensuring that the dog's drinking water is clean and polluted. Every time you drink water for the dog, you need to pour the remaining water and pour it into clean water resources. ② The dog should give a fixed tableware. After use, wash it in time and boil and disinfect regularly. The leftovers should be poured off in time. The dog's dogs and toys should be regularly cleaned and disinfected or even exposed to the sun. ③ Do the environmental sanitation of dog breeding. For example, the dog house insists on cleaning once a day, clean up the leftovers, debris and feces in time. Kill the bacteria. ④ Bathing the dogs regularly, but the frequency of bathing should not be too frequent, and regularly do the dog's internal body internal body deworming work for the dog.

  3. Preventing illness is to improve immunity. Try more, which increases immunity. Usually feed some beef, chicken, etc. to add nutrition. Also, exercise more! Intersection You can also Baidu.

  4. Usually give the dog better, the body's background should be beaten, let the dog drink plenty of water. The needle is to be hit, so there will be no big problems

  5. Don't let it drink cold water, eat cold things, keep it clean, blow dry after bathing to prevent cold, pay attention to these, you should not get sick.

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