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  1. The following points need to be paid attention to when bathing the dog:

    It must be a dog in the case of a completely healthy and vaccinated vaccine. The physique was relatively weak, and it was easy to infect infectious diseases without vaccination.

    1, the weather selection

    because of bathing for puppies, it does not need to be washed very frequently. Some people who like clean pet dogs may take a bath every day, Or washing once every two or three days, this is very unnecessary, because this may also cause severe skin diseases of the dog. If it is summer, you can usually take a bath twice a month. If it is winter, take a bath once a month. In addition, try to take a bath for the dogs in the sunny days. After taking a shower, you can also let the puppy take the sun indoors.

    2. Before bathing, sort out hair

    before taking a bath for puppy, be sure to sort out the puppy's hair with a soft brush, combing all the hair of the hair, all the hair of the hair all sorted out all the hair of the hair. Open, this can also be clear in the process of sorting out the small things in the hair, but when combing, don't be too hard to make the puppy feel that it is particularly painful. If you do not sort out the dog's hair first, you will get more and more serious when taking a bath.

    3, sequence of water

    When the puppy is bathing, it is similar to bathing in the baby. Therefore, when taking a bath for the puppy, it is best to start with your feet, rush up slowly, and rinse your head. Do not rinse your eyes and put plugs on your nose and ears to prevent water from entering.

    4. Do not take a bath immediately if you eat full meal

    It finished eating at the puppy, do not take a bath for the puppy. Severe flowing to the stomach, causing puppies to indigestion, insufficient blood sugar supply, and even hypoxia.

    5. After the vaccine, don't take a bath first

    For dogs who have just finished the vaccine for a week, try not to take a bath, and if you can, try not to let the dog go out. Outdoor activities, because the dogs who have just finished the vaccine are relatively poor.

    6, after taking a bath, dry the hair in time

    For puppies who have just finished bathing, you must use a hair dryer or a dry towel Dry the dog's towel, otherwise the dog will be prone to cold. In addition, it is best not to let the puppy go out outdoors that day, it is also easy to catch a cold.

  2. Wet the dog's hair with water, do not heat the water temperature to avoid burning the dog's skin, and then use a fragrance to apply a soft brush or hand to rub the dog's body, then rinse the foam, wrap the dry water with a dry towel, and then use the hair to use the hair with the hair. Just blow dry.

  3. .
    If it is a young dog or a dog with a weak constitution, the environmental temperature must be kept at a certain temperature, if it is too cold, it will be easily cold, ...
    It is recommended to use a shower, gently use the faucet to wet the whole body, rub it gently after wetting, wait until the hair is infiltrated, use pet ...
    A lot of foam, let the foam stay on the body for ten minutes, and then wash it with flowing water

  4. Puppy is not recommended to take a bath before the three -shot infectious disease vaccine and one -shot rabies vaccine, because bathing can easily cause dogs to catch a cold or excessive stress during the dog bath. It will cause the dog to be sick; after the vaccine, the puppy can pick up a pot of water directly, and then wash it with a dog -dedicated shower gel, and blow dry with a hair dryer.

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