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  1. Small dogs are actually infected with small viruses, causing acute viral enteritis.
    mainly infected the following three points. First, there is a source of infection. The second is the way to spread. Third, it is easy to be animal.
    Animals that need to be in contact with or indirectly contact the virus may have infections, or if the dog has been in contact with it before, the resistance decreases, and it may be induced. The contact may be that the owner has been exposed to a dog with a small virus or some cats outside, or some cats may also indirectly transmitted to the dog and cause the dog to develop.
    Srofoted animal refers to the dog. Before the vaccination is vaccinated, the dog has no related virus antibodies. At this time, the dog will have no relevant antibodies, and there is no related resistance to these viruses. It is easy to infect these viruses when they are low.
    So it is recommended that the dog will be immunized in time after 45 days without breastfeeding, so as to avoid some related viruses related to infection and avoid affecting the healthy growth of dogs.
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  2. The spread of small viruses is to contact infection. When the susceptible animals directly contact the infected animal excrement or indirect contact with the items contaminated by the small virus, they may be infected, especially the young dogs, because the dogs' own resistance at this stage is the resistance of the dogs itself. Power is very low.
    The viral disease is a viral gastroenteritis. Dogs below the age of February will also show myocarditis. The clinical symptoms are: depression, abolition of appetite, frequent vomiting, diarrhea, sparse stools, sparsely stool with tomato juice, with fishy smell and stench. The best treatment is infusion, with injections.
    The frequent vomiting and diarrhea of ​​dogs, and not eating for a long time can cause dehydration and acidosis of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to use the method of infusion to adjust the acid -base balance of the body, supplement the water, and then cooperate with biological agents, such as interferon, small virus inhibitory protein and other treatment.

  3. Why is dogs small

    For those who love dogs, the dogs often say that the dogs are "turning the intestines". Everyone must be familiar with this disease. In fact, this is a small virus In terms of work. Now we tell you that dogs will not turn the intestines, which is just a saying. Because the dog's intestines are short, after the full moon, it will induce small due to improper breeding! We now tell you in the most concise language! All pro -pro -you can understand!

    What reasons will cause the dog to be small:
    . Improper daily diet: This is the main reason for the common disease, and many people are constantly trying to feed the dogs to feed the dogs. Various foods.
    1. Milk: Foods with polymer content. Some people have diarrhea if they are not delicious, let alone dogs, so this is absolutely fasting in the puppies.
    2. Oily food: all kinds of meat. The easiest way to say, the dog's intestines can't hang the oil, and it will definitely be thinner after eating.
    3. All kinds of bones: The most deadly is poultry bones such as chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigeons. You can do a test. Use a hammer to beat the cooked poultry bones. The broken bones are broken. It is very easy to scratch the stomach and intestines. Other bones, if you eat more dogs, you will be constipated, and you will be severely ruptured by the anus!
    4. Onions, chocolates, grapes, etc. also belong to fasting foods, which can cause a severe allergic reaction.
    5. Eating cold food: Some dogs with better stomachs, two meals will not have problems. In the long run, it is a matter of time, and it will seriously damage the stomach function.
    6. Remnant: The rest of the food will deteriorate on the one hand, and on the other hand, there will be a lot of bacteria.

    . Cold:
    The kiss, when you change the sky, you know that you will add clothes, so the puppies are the same. Especially short -haired dogs need to pay more attention. For example, when the windows are cold, the dog (puppy) sleeps directly on the cold floor, such as a dog sleeping on a humid cushion, such as eating cold foods in the cold ... In fact, think in other ways to think about it in other places. If these common errors occur on people, they will also have diarrhea.

    . It is infected:
    The small propagation speed is very terrible. If a healthy dog ​​is not isolated from the sick dog, air, feces, saliva, etc. will be the air, feces, saliva, etc. Infectious source.

    . Parasitic insects in the body cause dog diarrhea (this is a fatal cause for small dogs)
    The above causes the dog to have enteritis diarrhea. Fine!

    fine symptoms
    The first dog will have mild diarrhea symptoms, and diarrhea is not stopped, refusing to eat, accompanied by vomiting, bleeding, dog temperature will be low, gums will become pink or white or white white or white I feel cold when I feel it. (If the gums feel cold, it is basically fast.)

    The experience for many years (for reference only):
    1. White feces: There are insects or severe cold in the body.
    2. Green feces: cool.
    3. Foam -shaped feces: abnormal fermentation in the intestine.
    4. Aspirogy -like feces: caused by food that consumes too much oil.
    5. Bloody stool: intestinal bleeding; bright red, it is most likely that there are too many diarrhea, the intestinal rupture; black and red blood and tomato -like blood stools, severe bleeding in the intestine. 6. Sauce -shaped manure: If you pull more than usual, you eat too much; there is another reason, too much intestinal moisture.
    7. Dogs that are not full of the full moon pull milk tofu -like feces: Super super super severe cold.
    8. Similar to thick sputum or jelly -like stool: bacterial enteritis.

    The method of preventing small viruses:
    1. Strengthen daily management
    2. Regular injection of vaccine
    3. Pay attention to daily hygiene and disinfect.

  4. The small virus will spread through the dog's feces and urine. If people are in contact with people, they will also be transmitted to the dog through people. My little Lei Lei is infected because of contacting small dogs. Fortunately, the cure is timely, and the two boxes of recovery are great.

  5. The reason why the dog is small
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