4 thoughts on “Why is the dog being small and what causes it?”

  1. Small dogs are actually infected with small viruses, causing acute viral enteritis.
    mainly infected the following three points. First, there is a source of infection. The second is the way to spread. Third, it is easy to be animal.
    Animals that need to be in contact with or indirectly contact the virus may have infections, or if the dog has been in contact with it before, the resistance decreases, and it may be induced. The contact may be that the owner has been exposed to a dog with a small virus or some cats outside, or some cats may also indirectly transmitted to the dog and cause the dog to develop.
    Srofoted animal refers to the dog. Before the vaccination is vaccinated, the dog has no related virus antibodies. At this time, the dog will have no relevant antibodies, and there is no related resistance to these viruses. It is easy to infect these viruses when they are low.
    So it is recommended that the dog will be immunized in time after 45 days without breastfeeding, so as to avoid some related viruses related to infection and avoid affecting the healthy growth of dogs.
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  2. Many reasons, enteritis, myocarditis, and small viruses are the second largest disease of dogs, with a small cure rate. But is it impossible to avoid? The most important thing is to help your dog injection. I have 5 dogs myself and only have to die. It is okay to take good care of it. KE./view/426220 #4 You can also take a look at it to find out more
    The trouble adopting, thank you!

  3. The reason for the small dogs

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  4. Pathogen, transmission pathway, and susceptible animals.
    Is when the sensor is exposed to pathogens, infections may occur. Small viruses are mainly detoxified through the dung of dogs. When a healthy dog ​​is exposed to the excrement or small virus of the diseased animals. It happens that when the dog's resistance is weak and the immunity is relatively low, it may show some clinical clinical symptom. Because dogs and puppies who have not vaccinated vaccines basically have no resistance to small viruses, and the development of the puppies' immune system itself is not perfect, so it is easy to infect. In addition, what we human beings can also carry viruses and be contacted by dogs. After all, the virus is a creature we cannot see.
    The treatment method mainly includes injections, medicine, infusion, etc., where the effect of infusion treatment is relatively good. But how to treat the dog's condition and the choice of the owner. The owner can go to the pet hospital to buy anti -inflammatory antibacterial drugs, antiviral drugs, electrolyte, immunoagers and other drugs for dogs for treatment. If the dog's disease symptoms are severe, it is recommended that the owner immediately take the dog to the pet hospital for infusion treatment.

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