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  1. First, the pathway of the small virus
    This virus is mainly transmitted through contact. The virus spreads to other dogs through the dog's feces, blood, food, etc., and can even spread through the respiratory tract, such as air. The cause of small viruses is concentrated in places where most dogs often appear, such as parks, dog houses, pet hospitals, etc.

    The dogs have small dogs
    . Dogs infected with small symptoms
    Dogs small viruses are mainly infected by respiratory tract. Sudden appetite, mental sluggishness, vomiting and dilute, occasionally fever, white blood cells decreased year -on -year.
    later, with the worsening of the condition, the symptoms of dog vomiting and diluted symptoms will intensify, and even the symptoms of blood with blood will occur. Due to the frequent vomiting, the phenomenon of severe dehydration and fever will also occur.

    . The treatment plan that is infected with small infection
    If the dog is infected with a small virus, there will be symptoms of vomiting, dilute, and loss of appetite. The main thing is to treat small viruses. You can use Piate's antigaste to effectively treat;
    Secondly, it is necessary to stop spitting. Time -to -spitting can prevent dogs from dehydrating due to frequent vomiting. Volick can quickly stop vomiting and stop and diarrhea;
    Next, it is necessary to eliminate inflammation and bacteria. It can take Putante's Vipida, which can effectively antibacterial and anti -inflammatory. If the dog is seriously dehydrated, you can take an electrolyte concentrated solution to restore

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