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  1. Small is a relatively acute infectious disease caused by the small virus of the dog. The small virus usually exists in the saliva, blood and stool secretions of the dog. After a small virus toy, rice bowl or excrement, the small virus may be infected.
    This virus mainly invades the dog's digestive tract, especially the mucosa and small intestinal velvet, so most of the dogs infected with small viruses will have different degrees of vomiting, dilute, blood stools, and small intestine mucosa. If the dog has abnormal appetite and gastrointestinal symptoms, it is recommended that the owner isolate the dog from other dogs as soon as possible, and bring the sick dog to the pet hospital for a small virus to screen, and actively perform antiviral treatment. Essence
    The best treatment for related treatment measures

    The best treatment for dogs with small virus diseases is to treat biological agents such as small monoclonal anti -resistance, interferon, and small inhibitory protein for small viruses. It is mainly to apply antibody effective antibacterial antiviral. It cleans the gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal function through anti -inflammatory antibody and abolition, replenishment, and correcting acid -base poisoning, and ion disorders in the body.
    The also need to inject nutrients for necessary support treatment. Dogs have a short course of small diseases and rapid deterioration. Crystonicitis syndrome often dies suddenly in time. The treatment of enteritis syndrome is timely, which can significantly reduce the chance of death.
    It dogs infected by small viruses can be divided into enteritis and myocarditis type. The incubation period of enteritis type is 7-14 days, and the initial manifestation is fever, depression, no food, vomiting, etc. After blood stool, eyeballs, dry nasal mirrors, weakness of the whole body, and significant weight loss, severe anemia symptoms, if not treated in time, can cause shock and coma to death. Early symptoms of myocarditis are not obvious, some suddenly have difficulty breathing, weak heart force, died in a short time, and some died after mild diarrhea.

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