2 thoughts on “How does a small virus dog infected with small infection?”

  1. The main reason for dogs to be small is infected with small viruses because of direct contact with the diseased dog or indirect contact with the diseased dogs.
    . When the dog is not vaccinated or the vaccine is incomplete, there is no enough antibody to resist the virus in the body. It is easy to infect the small virus. At the same time, if the owner has come into contact with a dog with a small virus, he does not disinfect it in time, and he will also infect his own dog.
    This virus mainly invades the dog's digestive tract, especially the mucosa and small intestinal velvet of small intestine. Therefore, most dogs infected with small viruses will have different degrees of vomiting, dilute, blood stools, and small intestine mucosa.
    If the dog's mental, abnormal appetite, and gastrointestinal symptoms, it is recommended that the owner immediately isolate the dog from other dogs and take it to the pet hospital for treatment.

  2. Generally, the feces of the sick dog are infected. I picked up a small stray dog ​​before, and found that it was small when I did a basic examination. Get up, it's okay for more than a week.

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