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  1. What are the common causes of dogs in the room "flying into the sky" in the room?
    Cystated hair loss: Most dogs have removal of hair in spring and autumn. There is no need for the hair color when the weather is hot, so when the weather is warmed, some old hair is taken off to regulate the body temperature. In the winter, it will take off the hard hair and disassemble the plush to the cold winter. This is normal. As long as you combine the dogs more daily during this time, and remove the floccope, you can prevent the room from full of fur.
    If the dog is suffering from dermatitis or skin eczema, or parasitic has more dog lice and lice, it will cause a lot of hair removal. Dogs will grab the fur with front paws and front teeth because of their hair, and they will also grab a lot of dog hair. At this time, it is best to find out the reason first, and inquire with relevant physicians or experienced people with symptomatic treatment. Human factors cause hair loss: Many families use soaps or shampoos of adults to take a bath for dogs with wash powder and detergent. Because the skin of the dog tends to be small and medium, the daily chemical supplies of adults are higher than that of the dog's skin, which causes the dog's skin to dry and itch. Drop hairy. In addition, the shower is diligent in the normal maintenance of the skin itself. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs should choose dog -specific daily necessities. The number of baths is not suitable for over -diligence and should be effectively manipulated.
    The vitamin body lack of minerals. In addition, sunlight and weather are also harmful to dog hair growth. If the puppy can not shot the sun for a long time, it will also cause a slight hair removal throughout the year. There are also some breeds, such as the Damaicho dog, although it is a short -haired variety, but at any time to touch it, just take a little effort, it will have a hand of hair. This is also unavoidable. Preparation. Excessive intake of salty consumption will also cause dog hair to be powerful.

  2. Common causes are variety issues, parasitic infections, and allergies. These reasons are the main factor that causes a large amount of hair removal of dogs, so it is necessary to find the cause before processing.

  3. Point 1 may be a lack of nutrition. The reason for the second point is that the dog has not taken a bath for a long time. The reasons for points 3 may be caused by the hair too thick.

  4. Lice disease. It is itching and skin irritation caused by lice parasites, which causes scratching, friction, and bite. The affected part is rough and lustrous, and it is easy to break and fall off. In particular, the parasitic of caterpital lice can cause a large amount of hair removal of the dog. In the places where dogs are frequent, you can find a large number of hairs that have been shed.

  5. When a dog takes steroid drugs, it also causes hair loss. At this time, you should reduce medication or change other medicines under the guidance of a doctor.

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