Legongshan Niu Wang has lived for 27 years, and the owner is delivered to him for his elderly.

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  1. Some people often raise pets as members of the writer, and the types of pets are not limited to cats and dogs. Many people also treat pigs and ducks such as poultry as pets. Before the star Song Qian searched for a hot search because she raised a pig. This is difficult to believe in some people, and even think this approach is strange.
    as they think that humans and animals are two types of species. In fact, it is a member of the nature of animals and people. It is a harmonious and beautiful thing to be friends and relatives. And a Niu Wang met his human family and carried out a legendary story.
    The talent encounter with many talents
    The protagonist of today's story is a cow, and it is not just an ordinary cow. It has a very interesting legendary experience. This Niu was born in Xinlian Village, Datang Township, Leishan County. Its first owner of it chose to sell it for only two years. In this way, the calf left its birth of the family, but it didn't take long for it to be sold to the hands of Leishan Wuju Xueqiang again.
    Zhu Xueqiang has his own wisdom, and he can see that this cow is not just a cattle with farmland as farming. It has the characteristics of bullfighting. In this way, Zhu Xueqiang decided to train it to become a bullfight.
    An cattle are very fierce, and they have won and won in several small bullfighting competitions. Over time. Mavericks have grown up. Its horns are beautiful and strong, and its body is huge and stylish. The most beautiful is its black and bright fur. It can be seen at a glance. It has also performed even better in the competition.
    The best thousands of miles also need to appreciate Bole. In the 1998 bullfighting contest, its Bole Li Zhengshu appeared. The encounter also laid the fate between them. Since then, the cow hasn't changed the master.
    , it can be seen from this cow's product, it is extraordinary. Zhu Xueqiang was reluctant to sell it easily. He repeatedly considered Li Zhengshu 4,000. At that time, more than 4,000 yuan was by no means a small number. Zhu Xueqiang couldn't pay so much money for a while.
    but he really likes this cow. In the end, he found his nephew Li Yingjun to make up 4,280 yuan to buy the cow. In this way, this cow changed the owner again, and it was also on the peak of the master Li Zhengshu.
    The title of Leigong Shan Niu Wang
    The master Li Zhengshu, the owner of it. The elders in Li Zhengshu have the experience of bullfighting, so he is also interested in this. When he was sixteen years old, he began to learn the relevant knowledge of bullfighting, so that he knew the cow to buy it in a heavy money at a glance.
    And Li Zhengshu is also a member of the Qiandongnan Prefecture Bull Fighting Association. It is also qualified to be professional. Therefore, after getting a cow, Li Zhengshu used the method of cultivating professional bullfights to raise this cow. And Niu did not disappoint Li Zhengshu, but when it participated in the competition, he would win a lot.
    The is well known that there are no generals in the world, and Li Zhengshu's Niu is only an exception. Since then, the cow has been presented to the title of "Leigong Mountain Niu Wang". The most praise is that the story of hurting Zhongyong did not appear on Li Zhengshu and his cow. Although Niu Wang is well -funded, he may repeatedly create glory and take care of the host Li Zhengshu.
    Even the Niu Wang's great achievements, Li Zhengshu did not treat it as a tool for making money for bullfighting. Li Zhengshu was still taking care of his Niu's heart like the past, giving the Niu King enough rest and supply.
    is also a reasonable and humane nurturing like Li Zhengshu, and the Niu Wang is stronger a year later. The performance at the time of the battle is also better. The most commendable is the Niuwang hegemony held in Rongjiang County in 2006.
    Liu king of Li Zhengshu can not only defeat the opponent, but also the fighting process is beautiful. From the preliminary match to every game of the final, he can kill his opponent in minutes. This is really amazing that the battle that does not look blew. In addition to the bonus, the organizing committee also awarded the title of "King Lei Gong". It is also this time that the bullfighting industry also recognizes that it is a well -deserved Niu Wang.
    Niu Wang and Li Zhengshu are not just connected by the game. They are equivalent to relatives and friends in their lives. Li Zhengshu often took his love cattle to walk in the countryside, like a friend to accompany him. Niu Wang is also extremely human. In a competition, the opponent's players were delayed.
    This king took his owner to walk around the field three laps and kneeled down to thank the audience. Instantly, thunderous applause sounded. Li Zhengshu also followed his cow to enjoy this extraordinary honor and joy. The sincere affection between Niu and the owner is more moving than the title of Niu Wang.
    In retired to death
    The magic power of any species can not reach the magic of time, and the life of animals is generally shorter than humans. Niu Wang has the day of aging. Seeing Ai Niu get old every day, Li Zhengshu was reluctant to let it participate in the competition. So Niu Wang announced his retirement on the day of 2009.
    This will be sold or slaughtered after the local custom bullfighting is retired. However, Li Zhengshu has already ended his deep feelings with his cattle, how can he be willing to deal with such ruthless treatment. Later, some people came out to buy Niu King, and Li Zhengshu did not sell it. He and his family have been taking care of Niu Wang to accompany it.
    . Even if Niu Wang no longer participates in its food, it has not changed in the past, and the family will not let it work farm. It is just to use it as an old man in the writer.
    . Unfortunately, no matter how you take care, you can't resist the time of the years. In 2012, Niu Wang's left foot was injured, and Li Zhengshu and her wife had eight days to take care of it. Until Niu Wang's injury gradually improved. But it is sad that Niu Wang has only supported Li Zhengshu, the owner Li Zhengshu, who left the world for a few months.
    Niu Wang has lived for 27 years, and Li Zhengshu raised it for 15 years. The love cattle who accompanied him for more than ten years, Li Zhengshu was not sad. As a big man, he left tears for his cattle. More than 100 villagers in the village learned that Niu Wang's death was also very sad. Not to mention Li Zhengshu's family, sad emotions everywhere in every corner of the family.
    The second owner of Niu Wang, Zhu Xueqiang, also sighed after knowing Niu Wang's death. Almost all people who are related to Niu Wang feels sad for its death, so Niu Wang's funeral has gathered more than 500 people to participate.
    This of more than 500 people was not enough to send them. Li Zhengshu held a local funeral for the highest specifications for Niu Wang. The family members were wearing the Miao family's costumes, and 15 adult men's coffin of Niu Wang came to lift. There are also teams to play music off. After that, the Li family of the Liwang Li family will bring it with the most famous local Guizhou Maotai every year.
    The most striking story is not the prominent achievement of Niu Wang, but the sincere emotion of Niu Wang and the owner Li Zhengshu. Even though Niu Wang can only accompany Li Zhengshu for more than ten years, Li Zhengshu will regard Niu Wang as a precious friend in his life. It can be seen from this. Pets and humans can form a deep and long -term friendship.

  2. The most striking thing is not the prominent achievements of Niu Wang, but the sincere emotion of Niu Wang and the owner Li Zhengshu. Even though Niu Wang can only accompany Li Zhengshu for more than ten years, Li Zhengshu will regard Niu Wang as a precious friend in his life. It can be seen from this. Pets and humans can form a deep and long -term friendship.

  3. Because this brings a lot of reputation to its owner, and then the owner's feelings for him are deep, so I feel that I want to use the best things to sacrifice him.

  4. Because this cattle king has achieved many results in the game, it has become the pride of locals. People like it very much.

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