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  1. As of June 2020, the price of Husky puppies:
    The ordinary about 300-1800, better than about 1,000 or more, purebred about 100,000 or more.
    The price of purebred Huski: The most expensive little Huski is about 10,000 to 30,000, and the special pure is the descendants of the golden eye, all of which are Husky, who is also a bloodline certificate. Pet -level purebred Husky ranges from about 1,000 to 3,000.
    The general Husky price: Most of them are around 1500 to 2000.
    Husky breeding:
    has a light taste and less saliva, and its hair is very clean, it is easy to take care of it. Sometimes it will not feel dirty without bathing for a long time.
    But the hairy hair of Husky is more beautiful and smooth. You can feed dog food with deep -sea fish oil on weekdays, or properly feed some egg yolks. It is good for the dog's hair. The owner should also pay attention that although the Husky hair is relatively clean, it still needs to be cleaned regularly.

  2. Husky is divided into pet -level and competition. If you do n’t play a good appearance, you can choose a pet -level Husky. Pet-level Husky prices range from different regions, ranging from 500-3000 yuan.
    The normal pet-class Husky price should be between 1000-2000 yuan. The particularly good pet -level Xiaoha may sell for 3,000 yuan, but it is already a bit slaughtered. If the pet Husky sells for more than 3,000 yuan, the price is a bit outrageous.

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