Where can I sell pet dogs in Zhanjiang

Give a few more addresses. I need to be specific
. Tell me if it is more time.

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  1. Xiashan Mingzhe Road Jinxiu Huajing -There is a room downstairs in Jingjie, next door is China Telecom, and the opposite road is the dormitory of the Hai Da Meteorological College.
    Cuchu Village Road, near the crossroads near the diving school, there is also a Dio coffee next to it.
    The Xiashan Agricultural Reclamation Hospital towards the airport road, there is one on the left.
    opposite Xiashan Zhanxin Market, there is one next to Zhanjiang Inspection and Quarantine Prevention Center.

    It dog fields do not know, but the supply and demand market of Bihai Yinsha often sells dog farms to sell various dogs, where you go to see ... 123

  2. Zhanjiang.58/DOG/Zhanjiang Pet Dog Information at the Xiashan Children's Park, at the door of the youth library, a lot of dogs bought it! Intersection Intersection

  3. At the door of the Xiashan Children's Park, there are many dogs bought at the door of the youth library! Intersection Intersection

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