The practice of dogs under the dog's milk catfish soup

The practice of dogs under the dog's milk catfish soup

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  1. Buy fresh catfish,
    This is cleaned, put it in the pot and cook more water,
    and then cook for 40 minutes, then you can, mix the rice in the soup for the dog Eat, drink more soup for it!

  2. The above answers are not complete. You should first fry until the two sides are golden, and then put a small amount of oil (do not need more). If the water is boiled in an appropriate amount (if the fish body is fine, there are too many soup, it is not strong, it is not delicious), put the fish in low heat, and after 10 minutes, the soup becomes milky white, add a little salt, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, Powder, you can eat it. Don't put MSG. Use fried first is the key to turning the soup into milky white. This is commonly known as milk soup catfish. The soup is like milk, which is very attractive and delicious.

  3. My dog ​​was not milk before, and I stewed the catfish soup. It had no effect, so I bought pet milk powder and bottle artificial feeding. Big dogs give more nutritional people. The chicken racks remove fat and skin stew, and they do n’t add anything. Something will be a bit helpful.

  4. 1. Wash the fish, two knives on both sides of the fish body (deep close to the fish bone), wipe the wine and salt a little marinated.
    2, the fire was boiled on the pan, burned to 70 % of the heat, and fry the fish slightly. 75 grams of oil in the pot, stir -fry the Danxian County Douban Sauce, ginger, garlic until the oil is red, put fish and broth, move to a small fire, add soy sauce, sugar, fine salt, burn the fish, and spray. In the market.
    3, the original pot is placed on the fire, thicken with wet starch, pour vinegar, sprinkle onion, and pour it on the fish. Note: Fresh catfish or catfish must be used as raw materials. When cooking, the marinade should be thick, so that the fish sticks to the marinade and taste it.

  5. The milk artifact "catfish soup", how to simmer the milk white fish soup, teach you simply stew a pot of soup
    people's pursuit of "eating" has never stopped. In particular, our country has French power in diet. From the original Ru Mao drinking blood to "hundreds of schools", various dishes have been inherited so far. And some dishes are only suitable for eating in hotels because of their too tedious craftsmanship, but some are IKEA's home -cooked dishes. Catfish soup is one of them. Not only is the ingredients simple and cheap, but also very nutritious. The name of the milk soup ".

    The more and more people who like to drink catfish soup today. The color of milk is simply a weapon that makes people open appetite. The flavor of fresh fragrance stimulates the taste buds of every diner. More importantly, it is rich in nutrients. Catfish is one of the most common edible fish in my country. Its meat is tender and sweet. It contains a large amount of protein that can be absorbed by people. Since ancient times, catfish has high medicinal value. It has a good treatment effect on the spleen and stomach, kidney, kidney, etc., and is a very good food supplement material. Its rich high -quality protein has a good effect in beauty and health. It is also a must for some postpartum women's lactation. Of course, it is also particular about wanting to make a pot of milk white catfish soup.

    The people said that the catfish soup that they stewed out of the same thing or the color seen on the picture is good, it looks like "clear soup". The most important step of soup. First of all, we need to remove the scales to treat the scales before stewing the soup, absorb water with kitchen paper, or put the water as much as possible. Then add the oil in the pan and fry until the two sides are golden. You can put ginger slices and pepper during hot oil, and take out the peppercorns before the lower fish. This step is the key to stew the catfish soup until the milk white can also remove the fishy smell of the catfish. The soup that stew for a long time will be a little less flavor. This is why the soups that many people are stewed are almost color.

    of course, the treatment of catfish is also particular. When dealing with catfish, we need to exhaust the scales, and the black film in the catfish body is cleaned, otherwise the fish made otherwise The soup will have a heavy fishy smell and affect the taste. When the processing of the processing catfish, you can draw some mouths, and then cook with ginger garlic and green onion for a period of time.

    This stewed catfish is also particular about the fire. Put cold water in the fried catfish, cut a little ginger and put it in for about 3 minutes, and simmer for 20 minutes with a Wenhuo fire. In this way, the catfish soup will show the state of milk white soup, and the soup will be particularly delicious. Tofu, after the deliciousness of the tofu sucking the soup, it also tastes different flavors. When the editor is made, it will be properly put in some, so that the meal is also a must. Sprinkle the onion section when it is out of the pan and drop a few drops of sesame oil, which will make the fish soup more colorful.

    This fish soup is a very good traditional soup. If you have the opportunity, you can try it in person.

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