4 thoughts on “Why is the age of the dog easy to get sick?”

  1. Faced with the departure of their own dogs, many owners are difficult to accept for a while, and even some owners will leave psychological shadows, and they will reject the behavior of continuing to raise pet dogs. For the owner, when a dog has a series of physical aging diseases, it is necessary to prepare separately from the dog to avoid psychological gaps caused by sudden parting.
    The dogs are like humans. With the age of age, the physical functions of the body will gradually decline, and they will also cause older diseases related to it. Generally speaking, from about 5-6 years old, large dogs will have various physical aging phenomena. The age of small dogs starts at this stage at this stage.
    If when you encounter your own dog love dogs at this age, the owner should pay high attention in the daily care process, timely discover aging symptoms, timely treatment and regulate related dietary structure and daily life, so as to improve The quality of life of dogs.
    During the daily feeding process, if the dog appears in the following phenomena, the owner should pay close attention to
    During the brushing process of the hair every day, pay attention to observing the change of hair The change is mainly white hair. Dogs, like humans, have reached a certain degree, and hair will change. In addition to the hair quality, the hair color deteriorates, and the body hair of the elderly dog ​​will also be murmured. Golden retriever is a typical dog breed. Carefully observe the golden retriever in life, and they will find that their faces are particularly white. In addition to the change of hair color, during the combing process, the owner will find that even if the dietary habit has not changed with the toiletries, there will still be some pimples in the dog's body. Sexuality is poor, and even some pimples are the external reactions of some diseases.
    During the brushing process every day, pay attention to checking the oral hygiene
    It the dog's age, it is easy to have some oral health problems. The more typical of which is periodontitis. Because the teeth on the inner side of the dog are more difficult to clean, coupled with the more refined breeding environment today, it is difficult for dogs to clean their teeth through food during daily eating. Tooth stones, dental stones can cause periodontitis.

  2. If your dog is easy to get sick, you need to disinfect the dog for a disinfection of the dog for a disinfection of the dog for a year, which can improve the dog's immune capacity for disinfection. Get ill.

  3. Because this is based on the different constitution of this dog, it is better to have some dogs. It is not easy to get sick, but there are some dogs' physical suggestions, so it is easy to get sick.

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