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  1. In the season when dogs are most likely to get sick in spring, early discovery of their abnormalities and treatment is the best manifestation of a caring owner's responsibility! It is necessary to checked their bodies at home for their health to grow up healthy. Key check location

    The eyes with bright eyes are a manifestation of dog health. If you find that there are some overflowing objects on the corner of the dog's eyes, the eyes are divided. There is a problem with the eyes.

    This ears are opened to check the dog's ears. The healthy dog's ears are very clean, and it presents light pink without any odor. If you find that it often shakes the head and grabs the ears If there is a bad smell in the ear, it may be long ear mites or otitis media.

    . In general, the nose is humid except when the dog sleeps and wakes up, there is a layer of transparent liquid on the surface. If your dog's nose is dry, and nose flows like pus like pus, and symptoms such as nosebleeds, continuous sneezing, etc., may suffer from nasal disease or infectious diseases.

    This dogs with a healthy dog ​​have a very shiny and smooth quilt. When checking, you can sort out the quilt for the dog while touched the body with your hands. Whether the skin is healthy and suffers from skin diseases. If you find that your favorite is dark, rough and dandruff, and a piece of peeling, you should ask the veterinarian and treat it early.

    The white teeth not only make the dog look beautiful, but also a healthy guarantee. Open the love dog's mouth to see the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth. If you find that the teeth are covered with dirt, the food is fragmented and the smell is made, you can use a pet toothbrush to brush the teeth. But if you find a dental stone or even tooth decay, you must ask the veterinarian.

    The excreta of stool dogs can reflect its health. Generally speaking, dogs will excrete two or three times a day. If it finds it, it will be thin, not rolling, and red in color, which means that the dog's body is uncomfortable. You can also check whether its anus is dirty.

    The body temperature is applied to the body thermometer and other lubricants, put it in the dog's anus, and take out the read data after one minute. The normal dog temperature is between 38-38.9 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the pet's body is high or low, and it lasts for a long time, it may not return to normal body temperature, it may be sick.

    This: Check the hairy while bathing for a pet, usually check it once every 7-10 days. Other inspection methods can be performed at any time. The summer care knowledge of pets

    As the temperature continues to rise, the hot summer is coming soon. How to make your cats and dogs healthy summer? The competent owner cannot be slack at all. Dietary living should be healthy

    It small nests of pets in summer, clean up the excrement on time, in order to prevent humidity, we must change the cushions such as diligently and dry up. Let the dog live after drying. The feed of dogs in summer is easy to ferment and deteriorate, causing food poisoning. Each meal should be fed for fresh food for them. We must be resolutely poured off for foods that have been fermented. Because spoiled foods may contain bacterial toxins, dogs can cause food poisoning when eating. Ensure that sufficient drinking water

    The sweat glands of dogs are concentrated on the feet, and they generally heat dissipation by pinging tongue. Cats usually work hard to lick their hair to make themselves cool. At this time, we must supply water all day long and change the clean water every day. Don't forget to bring water to the dog when you go out to walk the dog. Feed cold water, but you must not feed ice water to avoid stimulating the stomach and the stomach cause diarrhea. Preventing pets of pets

    Is when you find that the dog is breathing with a big mouth, white foam on the mouth, and if you walk to lose balance, your body seems to be weak, it is likely to be the symptoms of heat stroke. At this time, the body temperature should be reduced as soon as possible. You can move it to a cool and ventilated place. Use a wet towel to apply the head to the head, or pour the body with cold water. If you are serious, please ask the veterinarian diagnosis and treatment immediately. The signs of the dog's illness

    In addition to the above basic examinations, if your dog has the following abnormal reactions, the owner must be careful:

    1. A loss of appetite. Dogs are not interested in foods or good foods that they usually like. It is abnormal to reduce or completely refuse to eat.

    2. Vomiting. Dogs and cats are more likely to vomit. Eating a little is not appropriate, vomiting may occur, not necessarily sick. But if persistent vomiting occurs, you should pay attention to it.

    3. diarrhea. Dog diarrhea is a manifestation of illness, especially the diarrhea of ​​one after another, and measures should be taken. In particular, dogs who have not injected canine plague vaccine should ask pet doctors for treatment as soon as possible.

    4. Sneezing or crying. This is the main manifestation of a cold or popular cold. If you can seek medical treatment in time, the general effect is good.

    5. Drinking water disorder. Dogs often go to drink water when they see drinking water, but if it wants to drink but can't drink it, or after the water enters the mouth, it flows out again.

    6. Shake your head and grab your ears. This is a unique symptom of ear disease. If the ears are dirty and smelly, there may be parasites.

    7. Dogs will saliva when you are sick and you can smell bad breath.

    8. Scratch the skin. If the dog frequently scratches his skin and quilt, it means that the dog has flea, lice and other parasites on the dog, or infected with fungal skin diseases or eczema.

    9. Most of the healthy dogs like to run and jump and play with other dogs. If you do n’t cooperate and like to sleep alone, you are mostly in poor health. Some diseases that dogs are easy to get

    1. Skin disease. Mao Chao's shorts, Bagol, and Bull Dogs, because of wrinkles on their bodies, friction of skin and skin, can easily hide dirt and cause some skin diseases.

    2. external otitis. The long earlobe can pass the chin, or the dense VIPs, Shihi, Beijing dogs, and Malzis in the ear canal are prone to suffering from otitisitis because of poor ventilation of the ear canal.

    3. Eye disease. Eye -eyed Shihtha, Barga, and Bull Dogs are prone to eyelashes. Saabi's head wrinkles are more folding, and it is easy to overcome the eyelids. White VIPs, Jingba and Bomei are prone to tear ducts. 4. Respiratory disease. Short -nose Jingba, Xi Shi, and Boxing Lion Dogs are likely to cause throat paralysis, tracheal atrophy, snoring, and snoring due to their nose.

    5. Tooth disease. Small dogs, especially ultra -small dogs, are prone to constant teeth of deciduous teeth, plugging food debris, causing calculus, periodontal disease, bad breath, and even tooth loss. Dogs who eat soft foods are easy to picky due to dental, bad breath, and toothache.

    6. congenital disease. The deliberate improved mini dogs are prone to cerebral edema, sickness, and rabbit lips.

    7. Heartsworm. Dogs of outdoor life, or where they often move in places where there are many mosquitoes, the probability of getting this disease is greater.

    8. constipate. Dogs that eat too much bone and meat and lack of exercise are prone to poor appetite due to constipation.

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