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  1. Because human paranoia for purebred pet dogs, pet dogs cannot improve the gene through hybridization, making it easy to get sick. Moreover, most pet dogs are native to abroad, and they have not adapted to the domestic environment. And it is bored upstairs every day, so it is inevitable. Why is pet dog prone to illness? The most important choice criterion for people to raise pet dogs is bloodlines, which causes dogs to unable to improve genes through hybridization, and even have a large number of close relative breeding. These reasons lead to poor congenital immunity of pet dogs, and it is more likely to get sick afterwards.
    Husky, golden retriever, and Corgi are very common pet dogs, and these pet dogs are almost abroad without exception. Therefore, these pet dogs naturally have problems that are dissatisfied with soil and water. It is an important reason why pet dogs are prone to illness.
    The dogs growing up in the city are bored upstairs every day. If you can't run and jump, you can only take them to take them after get off work or have time. For grain, the dog eats at home every day, and it will come out of trouble after a long time.

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