2 thoughts on “Why is adolescent children obsessed with pets?”

  1. In the community, more and more pets are raised. The small leisure square under the high -level high -rise in my family, many people gather with pets every night, most of them are dogs, all types of dogs. Several times I met my neighbors to walk downstairs in the elevator. I couldn't help asking curiously. I have to go to work every day and go home and have to be busy with housework. Why do I have to raise a pet dog that needs to be taken care of at all times?
    The answers given me by several neighbors are for children, and children are doting for pets and their doting. They are not allowed to reprimand or be allowed to scold. In order not to affect the good mood of children to go to school, they can only help to support themselves from their temperament.
    In fact, for children, pets are not a bad thing. As long as the premise of good hygiene and safety can provide children with some appropriate education. But first of all, let the children participate, let them understand the habits and temper of their pets through the Internet, collect them through the Internet, and understand the correct feeding methods and preferences. Then let them persist in their own execution, from feeding to walking to bathing, and even sick treatment and care, so that children can be responsible from the middle school, and also exercise how to balance pets and learn.
    Fromiculous as a parent, we must understand the true heart of children's pets. Many adolescent children will feel particularly lonely. Parents at home do not understand. There are all, they can only find the most loyal pets to accompany themselves. After all, pets are absolutely obedient to the owner, let the director do whatever you do, and how to lose your temper, they will not escape and betray them. The owner is happy.
    It parents to observe their children's behavior carefully, and they can understand their children's true hearts, and then reflect on their education, whether they are too strict and controlled by their children, so that children can escape reality and hide in the pets of pets.

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