1 thought on “How to keep the dog warm in winter”

  1. In terms of feeding in winter, food can be paired with foods rich in vitamin A and more fat to replenish heat; properly add some warm measures such as blankets in the dog's nest where dogs sleep; And the entrance is hung with curtains to prevent wind from entering.
    1. In terms of feeding, the food should be matched with calories, the temperature in winter is very low, and the calories in the dog's body will be consumed. Therefore, the food of dogs should be added in winter. Foods with more ingredients! The purpose is to supplement the calories and enhance the ability to protect the cold!
    2. The other is to appropriately increase some warmth measures in the place where dogs sleep. You can put some blankets, bath towels, etc. It helps dogs to warm up!
    . Pay attention to windproof. Do not put the dogs in a place where it is too ventricle in winter. The wind in winter is particularly 'cool', especially puppies Cold!
    . When bathing the dog in winter, pay attention to blowing dry drying, and use warm wind. For dogs that have just taken bathing, even if the fans have dried hair, try not to let the dogs first let the dogs first do not let the dog be allowed Go out of the dog, play in the room for a while, walk more, to prevent a cold! If you want to sleep after taking a bath, cover the dog with a blanket!
    5. Move the dog house to the place where the yang is back, And hang the curtain at the entrance of the dog to prevent the cold wind from skewing; the mattress should be thicker and diligently change and the sun to maintain dryness.
    6. You can use an infrared light to warm the dog to warm the dog, or you can build a fire wall on the wall, etc. You must be equipped with thick electrons on the dog bed to avoid direct contact with the cold ground with the cold ground! Take the dog out to bask in the sun! The sun can not only warm up, the ultraviolet rays have sterilization and disinfection effects, and can promote calcium absorption, which is conducive to the growth and development of dog bone arms, and prevent dogs from diseases!

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