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  1. The poodle (details)
    season change, people may suffer from cold, let alone some weak dogs. While keeping warm for dogs, what do you need to pay attention to as the owner?
    . Strengthening the sports forging chain: It is best to let the dogs have their own bed in winter, put on a thick cushion on it, and change to the dry and dry. , Strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve disease resistance.
    . The sanitary cleaning of the dog house: Due to the cold weather, some dogs are unwilling to go to the outside of the house. It can cause a large amount of body heat,
    . Timing the dog bowel movement: Therefore, we should try to reduce the dog in the house to take the dog to the outside of the house, and clean the dogs to keep the dogs warm, comfortable, clean and dry, clean and dry Essence
    . The heat and nutritional supplement: The heat consumption of low temperature in the winter temperature is large. If it is fed to energy feed according to normal standards, the energy required for the growth and development of the dog cannot be satisfied.
    5. Add animals and plant oil: Therefore, the feed of dog breeding in winter should be supplemented by the energy, pay attention to the energy supplement. You can use corn, rice and other high energy -containing feed. Essence
    6. Multi -supplement vitamins: If you add a bowl of broth or bone soup to the dog every night, in addition, the demand for vitamins in winter dogs is also higher than other seasons. Therefore, the supply of vitamins must be sufficient.

  2. What should we pay attention to when the weather is cold in winter? It should be known that the focus of Satsuma puppies during this period should be kept on chills and preservation to prevent diseases. We should pay attention to the cold and insulation of Satsuma. Satsuma puppies can cause colds by the rain and the warmth of the dogs after exercise. In severe cases, they may be secondary to respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia.
    The effective measures to prevent Satsuma's colds are cold -proof and insulation, thickened mattress, and pay attention to replacement in time to keep dry and prevent cold wind; when the sun is sunny, strengthen the outdoor sports of Satsuma to enhance the dog's dog's Physical constitution improves Satsuma's disease resistance. Make dogs in the sun not only heating, the ultraviolet rays in the sun also have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, and can promote the absorption of calcium, especially for the growth and development of bones of the small Satsuma, and prevent puppies from suffering.

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