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  1. Winter dog keeping warmth measures: Detailing the sun
    During the sunny weather, they bring more dogs for outdoor sports to enhance their physique and improve the dog's disease resistance. Let the dogs dry in the winter not only to warm the sun, the ultraviolet rays in the sun also have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, which can promote the absorption of calcium, especially conducive to the growth and development of the bones of puppies.
    How to keep the dog warm in winter, let the dog warm the winter
    winter dog keeping items in winter: add warm items
    Theoretically, dogs do not need to wear clothes, but for those weak dogs Dogs, elderly dogs with poor warmth ability, bitches that have just been produced, dogs who have been healed at first, and dogs with old injuries should pay special attention to keeping warm. You can add a blanket or dress appropriately.
    The small, thin and short -haired dogs like Chihuahua, Mini Dubin, etc., they are more afraid of cold and weak resistance. They can wear clothes when they go out. This can reduce their chances of illness. Essence
    The warm nest is also very necessary. The owner can thicken the dog's mattress pads to keep the dog's nest dry and ventilated, and clean up and replace the cushion in time.
    How to keep the dog warm in winter to keep the dog warm over winter
    This dogs in winter: Pay attention to diet
    High -quality dog ​​food can add a small amount of animal liver to their food, once a week. For dogs who are afraid of cold and rarely go out, they must control their diet and avoid obesity due to the reduction of activity.
    This air in winter is very dry. Whether it is a dog in the room or outdoor winter, it needs more water. Prepare enough warm water.

  2. Facing the temperature of "cold", in addition to his warmth, shovel officers also remembered the problem of cold health and health of hairy children.
    The dogs like Alaska, Husky, Samoyed, Chow Chow Dogs are naturally cold -resistant little experts and do not need to wear clothes. However, the varieties of bull head stalks, Yorkshire, Bai, and Fa Dou are chills and pity.
    S especially in illness, or hairy children who have just performed surgery; elderly dogs and cats, or new pets just born; dogs and cats who are not strong (short hair), or petite figures; trembling, or other other shake, or other other shaking, or other other shaking, or other other shaking, or other other shaking, or other other trembling, or other trembling, or other other shaking, or other others Unfracting phenomenon. Master, you can have a snack, put it in clothes for me.
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