5 thoughts on “I raised a male and one mother at home, but I don't want them to mate them. What should I do?”

  1. Way the two dogs, or wear physiological pants for the bitch. If it is raised together for a long time, it is the most effective way to consider one of the sterilization surgery.
    Animals have a specific time of sexual maturity. The specific time of sexual maturity is not the age of the best fertility offspring, and so is the dog. Taking medium -sized dogs as an example, they begin to mature at the age of July to August after birth. At this time, although male dogs and female dogs have the ability to feed offspring.
    This dogs who are sexually mature twice a year. The estrus period in the spring is from March to May, and the estrus period in autumn is from September to November. Two estrus is about 6 months. As far as the female dog is concerned, the estrus of the female dog is marked by the bleeding of the mother dog vagina: vaginal bleeding generally lasts about 21 days, but the vaginal bleeding during the estrus during the estrus of the elderly may be slightly shorter for a day or two.
    Pucting information: The main characteristics of the estrus period of the female dog:
    P estrus The emotional female dog's labia is swollen, hypertrophy, external, and pink in the early stage. It is obviously congested and a small amount of mucus flows out of the vagina of the female dog with a small amount of mucus. With the continuation of the estrus period, the amount of blood flowing out increases day by day, and the color of the blood also changes from pink to dark red: the 8th day of estrus, the most blood volume is the most thicker, and the blood color is deeper.
    The days after the 9th day, the blood volume gradually became less and the concentration gradually became thin. At this time, the labia gradually became dark red. At this time, the labia was swollen and faded, and wrinkles began to appear, and the estrus female dog entered the ovulation period. The ovulation period lasted about 5-6 days.
    The emotional excitement during estrus. With the continuity of the estrus period, the excitement of the female dogs has increased, her expression is uneasy than usual, the barking sounds are louder, and their eyes are bright. In the period of estrus, the female dogs were restless and their appetite decreased sharply.

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