1 thought on “How to solve the problem of raising dogs?”

  1. If the pet dog raised is dead and I am too sad, then I think I can re -raise a pet dog, so that I will have a new sustenance, and this pet dog that I believe slowly will also replace myself instead of myself. The pet dog I died, I think this may be a lot better. Of course, this method is actually not universal. Some people may be more sad and sad after the pet dog dies. Instead, it will be even more sad and sad. Can let time smooth everything.
    The dogs in the world are loyal friends of our human beings. Many people will raise a pet dog in their own house. After a long time, these pet dogs are like their relatives. In particular, there are some lonely old people, or those who do not get married, and have been with these pet dogs for a long time, and have regarded pet dogs as an essential part of their own lives. So when pet dogs die, many people are actually very difficult to accept this reality.
    But I personally want to say that pets are pets after all. Although sometimes these pet dogs can become our spiritual sustenance, we are also adults after all. Pet dogs are not all of us. Although everyone is sad to say that pet dogs have died, we must not become decadent because of this incident, and it becomes particularly sad. If this is the case, I think there are some upside down.
    The owner actually has deep feelings with his pet dog, so it is normal for a time after the pet dog dies, but I think if you go away for a long time because of your pet dog's death, If you do n’t come out, there will be some that you ca n’t say it anymore. If the pet dog dies, then you can relax yourself. For example, in recent days we can take a leave, go home and take a good rest, try to get out of this sadness as much as possible. After a few days Come back to a new life.

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