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  1. Some cat families can put the doors and windows in the home on the curtain, hang the mosquito net in the bedroom, buy mosquito repellent lamps and electric mosquitoes to eliminate mosquitoes. Make ventilation indoors to ensure that there is no irritating taste. Families that raise cats should use chemical mosquito repellent products carefully to avoid causing cats' discomfort.
    If it is an empty house using mosquito repellent products, try to take a cat for one to two hours away from the room that uses mosquito repellent products, and the owner should remember to interact with the cat after applying the mosquito repellent product, try to try to interact with the cat. Try to try to try to try to try. Don't let the cats spray mosquito repellent.
    If attention to cats
    We when we feed the kittens, we must also pay attention to the health of the kitten, so our pet kitten must also have the tableware for ourselves. I must have love for pets. There must be care, so that you can raise pets.
    Any kitten needs to be accompanied, because the kitten is a more sensitive animal and requires someone to accompany it. Such a kitten personality will be better. It is recommended to accompany the kitten for about an hour every day. You will find that the kitten is very close to you.

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