1 thought on “How to repel mosquito repellent in the family may kill the dog”

  1. Dogs at home can use chrysanthemum -containing products, such as electric mosquito coils, mosquito coils and other safety mosquito repellent products; Mosquito plants perform physical mosquitoes. There are dogs at home with chrysanthemum products, mosquito drives, mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, mosquito coils, etc. The most traditional and most commonly used mosquito repellent artifacts are chrysanthemum mosquito repellent products. Their main components are various types of insects. This is an efficient and degradable synthetic pesticide. Mosquito repellent products of chrysanthemums are relatively safe for humans and dogs, but they are very toxic for cats. Therefore, some dogs at home can use some chrysanthemum mosquito repellent products, but it is not recommended to use the ignition mosquito coils, which will produce a lot of smoke; try to choose electric mosquito aromatherapy.
    The dogs must not use DEET products at home. Mosquito repellent, commonly known as mosquitoramine. At present, the strongest mosquito weapon is also the main effective ingredient of most mosquito repellent spray on the market. The main chemical components of Miramine are promptly to be toxic, irritating to the eyes, the respiratory tract, and the skin. In clinical animal experiments, the dogs, rabbits, and rats are prompted to swallow toxicity. Some studies have mentioned that when DEET licks a large dose of intake, the following poisoning reactions may occur: drooling, shaking, epilepsy, vomiting, and lack of appetite. Therefore, the dog -raising family should try to avoid using mosquito repellent products containing Deet at home.
    The mosquito repellent that does not use essential oils with essential oils with essential oils with essential oils at home mainly include some mosquito repellent spray, mosquito repellent candles, wind oil essence, etc. The purified plant essential oil contains a large amount of phenol, which is safer to dogs, but cats are difficult to metabolize. Therefore, such mosquito repellent products can be used as appropriate, and cat families are avoided.

    The general formula mode for dogs must not use flower dew water to repel mosquito dew water is 70 ~ 75%ethanol about 20%of water 2 ~ 5%of various extracts. Alcohol has a strong effect on cats, and the smell of flower dew water has a strong stimulus whether it is a dog or a cat. In addition, the ingredients such as borneols, snake bile extracts that are usually added with flower dew water have no clinical data, and the toxicity is unknown. So it is not recommended.

    The dog can physical mosquito repellent 1. Mosquito nets, and the home screen window must be installed and checks the screen and check whether the mosquito net is used on the bed. Traditional and directly effective.
    . If there are many mosquito repellent circles, if there are many mosquitoes in the home or outdoor, if necessary, you can use mosquito repellent circles and bracelets. At the same time, you need to pay attention to prevent the pet bite ring. It must be dangerous.
    . The principle of mosquito repellent lights or electric mosquito repellent lamps is to attract mosquitoes with light and airflow. When mosquitoes approach, the fan sucks it into the mosquito storage box below and dehydrates the mosquito to death. Pure physics method of mosquito extinguishing is relatively safe.
    . Mosquito repellent plants can be placed or breeding mosquito repellent plants that are non -toxic to pets. For example, cat mint has a good mosquito repellent effect.

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