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  1. There are many reasons for the paralysis of dog hind limbs, such as neuritis, lumbar disc herniation, cyst squeeze, damage to the spine nerve, etc. The dogs have signs of fever. They should consider inflammation and have not stools. The host wants to help the dog defecate. The golden treatment time for hind limbs is within 48 hours after the onset of onset. Do not delay as soon as possible!
    did you not hurt anywhere, then you try to inject the vitamin B1. My dog ​​(Beijing bar) was also paralyzed at the age of four or five. It ’s expensive to buy white -cut mutton. At that time, no one was willing to be willing to eat it. In this way, he only took one bite every day. Our family members were crying. The last time, the last time, was an old doctor. The medicine for prescribing was bought by the veterinarian shop, which was very cheap. It is the muscle injection dimension B1. We took our own muscle injection. One day, one day, two days later, 45 days later, we can stand slowly, and we will go slowly and never commit it again. You must try it. If you can't buy it there, you will go to the hospital to let the doctor open some of the Victoria B1, or if you don't take the tablets first, it is the effect.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs suddenly cannot stand up. It is usually caused by spine or limb trauma, hypoglycemia, postpartum calcium deficiency and poisoning. In this case, it is necessary to go to the pet hospital for examination in time to confirm the treatment. The diagnosis of the X -ray machine to check whether there is spine and limbs damage, and the physiotherapy or surgical treatment needs to be performed to eliminate nerve compression and treatment paralysis. Fracture of limbs can be fixed or surgical. Through blood test, hypoglycemia or hypotonic calcium can be diagnosed, and calcium supplementation can be performed. If it is caused by poisoning, symptoms can be lifted by detoxifying drugs.nAsk him yesterday.nHe was constipated yesterday. I used Kaiseru for him.nHe can't pull out shit. The butt is a bit bleedingnAnswer, if the dog is not good now, it is recommended that you take the dog to the pet hospital as soon as possiblenParalysis is too seriousnQuestion and then I see a little red today.nHe can stand up.nThe butt is now. Is it a little red. Can I have a whole at home. I have no hospital in this placenSorry for answering, I am not a professional doctor after all, I can only give you suggestions. I suggest you observe the condition of the dog. If you continue to be serious, you can only seek medical treatment.nMore 8nBleak

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