Why do my dogs like to eat leaves during this time?

It's been two days, I don’t eat anything else, I only eat leaves, and vomit after eating

3 thoughts on “Why do my dogs like to eat leaves during this time?”

  1. Dogs love leaves or grass, which is caused by the lack of vitamins in the body.

    Mu feeding to pay attention to meat and vegetables, do not only feed meat.

    Dog feeding knowledge:
    1, feeding should be regular, quantitative, and fixed. Time can develop the timing conditions of dogs, secrete gastric juice, increase appetite, and promote digestion and absorption. Generally, it is fed twice a day, feeds once in the morning and evening, and can be fed a little at night. Puppies under 1 year old are feeded 3 times a day; puppies within March, 4 times a day; dogs within February age, feed 5 times a day. The dog's food pattern can be renovated, but the number should be relatively stable. The feeding location is available inside and outside the dog, but it is usually feeds the dog in the dog. The purpose of a fixed place is to maintain relatively stable environment and facilitate management. Some dogs change feeding places to refuse and lose appetite.
    2, except for summer, should be fed to warm feed. The temperature of the feed should be around 40 ° C. Do not be too cold or overheated; Fortunately, it is about 35 ° C. It is advisable to be hot. The feed too hot will not only affect the appetite, but also hot the dogs and teeth; too cold foods are easy to eat bad stomach.
    3, the utensils of each dog should be fixed, do not use it randomly. When you feed, you should not be able to change the canopy pots to prevent the disease from spreading. Wash it after feeding, and boil and disinfect regularly. The life of dogs is very regular, so it is best to allow dogs to locate meals.
    4, pay attention to observing food when feeding. If you have leftover or not, you must check the causes and take timely measures. Take the leftover feed and take it away. Do not place any dog ​​to eat at any time.
    5, special care of puppies and sick dogs. The puppies are best to feed 4 times a day. Fay more liquid food for sick dogs, lean meat and eggs or irritating, digestible, and nutritious diseases. Drink more water purification.
    6, do not let the dog do fierce exercise within half an hour before and after feeding.

  2. What I read in the book is that the dog usually eats some hair or something into the stomach. Now I feel that there is dirty things in the stomach. After eating grass, it will spit it out. It doesn't matter if you eat it occasionally. Medicine.

  3. Dogs eat leaves because they eat unclean things. Eating leaves can stimulate the stomach and help them spit out the bad things they eat. This is actually a kind of self -treatment of them.
    of course, if this situation lasts too long, you should take a dog to a pet hospital for a look. Moreover, it is best to figure out what the dog should eat before.

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