What happened to the dog's absence of limbs

My dog ​​has been raised for 12 years. I never went out. I have eaten chicken liver for a long time. I do n’t know why the limbs are paralyzed suddenly. Do n’t eat or drink. There is no consciousness below the head. The tail can move. The effect is not obvious. The effect is not obvious. Please help me. Thank you .. Thank you ..

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  1. The 12 -year -old dog is already very old. My mother -in -law's ears are deaf in 12 years. The dogs of the neighbor's house are paralyzed like your family. Serve it. In addition, eating chicken liver for a long time will cause dog calcium loss, and it is easier to lack calcium when it is older. These are the incentives of its paralysis. Don't know if your dog has been vaccinated? If you haven't hit, pay attention to small and dog plague. Small symptoms is to pull the water, spit, and not eat. The blood will be pulled in the later period, and the body temperature will be low. The early stages of the canine plague are like a cold. The snot has eye shit, which will have a low fever. The middle period becomes a yellow snot, and the foot pads are hard. In the later stage, there are complications. These two are the most terrible diseases of the dog. But your dog is so big, and it is not easy to get the disease. These diseases are generally transmitted outside. If you are sure that you are not sick, you can serve it like an old man who is sick in his family and give it some calcium tablets. Dogs, like people, will grow old. The dogs I mentioned earlier have been paralyzed for 13 years and have left the world after more than a year. It is not easy for dogs to live for more than ten years. It's time, so treat it well.

  2. If you do n’t go out for a long time, you go for a small and dog plague inspection for him. These two are the most demanding dog life. If you do n’t have these two types, you can rest assured. Do 2 inspections may be around 120.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nThe dog's sudden weakness may be caused by the dog deficiency of the dog, or it may be caused by the dog's illness or hungry. The first reason for the weak limbs of the dog, calcium deficiency, carefully observe, if your dog walks or runs at home, even in the process of walking out of the dog, the forelopher forelopher or hind limbs often sit on the ground and fall to the ground, fall If these situations appear, it is likely that it is calcium deficiency. The owner must not pay special attention to its diet or this situation caused by the sun for a long time. The congenital nature is not cultivated, and the difficulty will be much more difficult to strengthen calcium supplementation in the later stage. During the future process, the owner should pay attention to dietary problems, and the time to bask in the sun must be maintained for more than an hour. Of course, it can be calculated separately in summer. At that time, the second reason for the weak limbs of the dog, it was sick, and the illness was not a trivial matter. If a healthy dog ​​was sick, it was just lazy and did not want to move, but if it was the most serious dog The plague may be accompanied by weak limbs. If the owner observes it carefully, he will find that a large number of eye feces, fever nose, vomiting, cough, dilute, etc. will appear. If this situation, you cannot ignore it. The preliminary healing rate is very high. The third reason and hungry for the weak limbs of the dog, yes, the dog is too picky, and it must be very good, but you must pay attention to the balance of nutrition. It will have severe picky food. If you ca n’t eat food it loves, it will turn his head to other foods. In this case, it will be. How can its body drive up? Regardless of this meal, it is not unpalatable. Be sure to match it with reasonable nutrition. When it does not eat it, take the rice bowl away and feed it at a fixed point until it is eaten. After all, this is its health. It can accompany the owner for many years, depending on the owner's breeding problem. The fourth cause of the dog's limbs, hereditary lower limbs or general paralysis, this situation is not absent, but the incidence rate is very low. It is difficult to see in daily life, but as a master, we can clearly understand that this disease has existed since it was a child. Unwilling to walk. This kind of thing should be taken to the hospital in a timely manner to diagnose and treat professional veterinarians, and the cure rate is not very low. If the dog is weak caused by the illness of the illness, it needs to be treated with the dog in time.nHello, you can describe what you want to consult here ~nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~nMore 2nBleak

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