4 thoughts on “What should I do if my dog ​​suddenly paralyzed and couldn't stand up?”

  1. Dog's limbs are weak, and it is more common in electrolyte disorders or suffering from nervous system diseases.
    Sted dogs may also cause weakness due to some other diseases, including severe uterine pus, pancreatitis, renal failure, diabetes, and stomach torsion. In addition, the dog's leg injury will also have weak limbs. Once the dogs have such symptoms, they need to go to a professional pet hospital for examination. After the diagnosis is confirmed, the electrolyte adjustment and other treatment are given symptomatically.
    This can not stand up with weak limbs of the dogs, which may be because of the long -term lack of nutrients necessary for growth and development of vitamins, calcium, etc., or it may be due to injuries such as ligaments, sprains, cartilage injuries, fractures, bone fractures Wait. ,,

  2. Dogs suddenly paralyzed unable to stand, and the weakness of the limbs may be due to the long -term calcium deficiency of puppies or poisoning that suddenly unable to stand up to the whole body paralysis. First of all, the symptoms of calcium deficiency in puppies can be immediately injected with calcium to soothe. Pets should be supplemented with special calcium tablets or feed foods containing calcium. Then the puppy poisoning causes the poisoning of Kyogukou to promote vomiting or enema to promote the discharge of poison. Due to arthritis, the dog suddenly has a state of weak limbs. And if you can't stand up, you need to feed some drugs for dogs. Otherwise, even if calcium supplementation, there is no use to feed the dog some antibiotics or go to the local veterinarian hospital for testing and treatment. During the operation or during the activity, it is difficult to stand and walk because the waist can not be able to stand for a long time if the dog can not be treated for a long time. If you find that the dog has a disease syndrome with a waist disk, you need to take the dog for treatment. Do not delay the dog's condition.

  3. Dogs are now typical arthritis, which causes many reasons for dog arthritis, such as too old, calcium deficiency, obesity, excessive exercise, genetic factors, incorrect exercise and living habits, trauma, etc. It will cause dogs to have to varying degrees of joint inflammation.

    Cogenic arthritis common symptoms are: joint swelling, joint pain, foot pain, lameness, unstable standing, hind legs, twitching, humpback, spine deformation, bone joint deformation, deformation, deformation, deformation, deformation of bone joints, deformed, and deformation of joint joints, deformed, and deformation of joint joints, deformation of joints. Licking joints, etc., long -term arthritis will cause dog joint pain to fever, stiff limbs, difficult to stand up, lame legs, decreased activity, do not like to move, temperament, sleep, attack or shrinking behavior, occurring or retreating behaviors. The seriousness is that joint malformations, atrophy, paralysis, etc. Once it is found, it must be treated early to cause dogs to suffer less pain.

    M many places do not necessarily have regular pet hospitals. You can buy special medicines for dog arthritis on your own, specializing in arthritis, joint pain, leg pain, fractures, sprains, rheumatoid, muscle convulsions , Lay legs, joint symptoms such as various types of pain, have anti -inflammatory pain relief, relieve pain, repair bone joint growth and therapy and other effects.

  4. After a long -term calcium deficiency or poisoning, the puppy will suddenly fail to stand and paralysis. First of all, for puppy deficiency symptoms, calcium needles need to be injected immediately. Usually supplement pets for pets or feed foods rich in calcium content. Secondly, for puppy poisoning, if it is poisoned by oral poisoning, it needs to be vomited, and then the poison is promoted by the enema and gastric lavage. If the skin is exposed to poisoning, a detoxification injection is needed.

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