2 thoughts on “Why do dogs eat the flowers and leaves recently, and eat grass roots outdoors?”

  1. Dogs to eat grass are a phenomenon that we are more common, but why do dogs always eat grass? What causes it, let's analyze some of the reasons that cause dogs to eat grass. They are all making strange. The owner still cannot ignore it.
    种 Race habits
    The pet dogs particularly like to eat grass, which is related to some genetic habits of dogs. They can get some nutrients needed from food. The ancestors of modern dogs often swallow the entire prey and sometimes swallow the stomach of the entire herbivorous animal. Due to human domestication and their own evolution, modern dogs no longer hunt food like their ancestors, but grass and other plants still have a certain temptation to them.
    增In the increase of feed
    If found that your dog is not gobbled when eating grass, at this time the dog eats grass because you want to add some coarse feed to the food in the stomach, At this time, no need to be nervous.
    、 III, low IQ
    It, don't say, some dogs are because the IQ is too low to eat grass. Some experts have done data statistics. Among all dogs, Samoyed has the highest frequency of eating grass. They do not feel that the grass is delicious, but just because they want to eat it, they have eaten. More importantly, they have eaten grass before, knowing that the taste of the grass is not delicious, they will forget it later. The next time they see the grass, they will eat it, which really makes people feel helpless and funny.
    、 Fourth, feel delicious
    The knows that puppies are used to "communicate" with the world with their noses and mouths, and grass generally has a faint fragrance and crispy taste. In terms of the puppy of food, it is another special "delicious".
    、 Fifth, lack of certain elements in the body
    If the dog has always eaten your dog rice, and the dog rice only has rice, the same kind of meat, and the same vegetable every day, so that dogs are easy to be easy Lack of certain nutrition. For example, vitamins, minerals, etc., so it is easy to cause dogs to lack certain trace elements, so dogs need to supplement some nutrients by eating grass to meet the needs in this area!

  2. Dogs have this habit? My dogs have gone the flowers and grass, and I like to eat little grass outside, but I do n’t eat it in my stomach, but I bite and throw them away. , You should buy it for some nutritional things
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