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  1. 1. Resident environment: Put the VIPs in the place where air circulation and avoid sun exposure. If necessary, blow an electric fan or install air -conditioning indoors.
    2. Life management: Long hair pets can shave hair to help heat dissipation and add enough water at any time. Less than 12 months of puppy can be cut into PUPPY type. In all competition groups, more than 12 months of VIPs need to be trimmed into European continent or British saddle. In the youth group, female dog group and pet dogs, they can be trimmed into a "sports" type. During the game, VIPs could not participate in the competition.
    3. Outdoor activities: Avoid pets when you go out at high temperature. If you want to go out, you must bring drinking water and reduce the amount of exercise. If pets have heat stroke symptoms, such as rising temperature, fatigue, asthma, dehydration, etc., you should quickly leave the high -temperature environment, wet the whole body of the pet with cold water, or soak it in cold water to keep the pet's neck above the water surface. Soaking water can also massage the whole body of the pet to help achieve the effect of cooling. The body temperature drops to about 39 degrees to stop. After the pet body temperature is reduced, you must quickly dry the body with a large towel to avoid the body temperature from falling too fast. Do not use a hair dryer to prevent the hot air from rising the body temperature again, or the cold wind causes a cold. After the emergency treatment is completed, the pet was quickly sent to the hospital to continue the observation.
    Is when pets are heavy for heat stroke shock, first wet the whole body with ice water or ice towels. You can also wipe it with alcohol to cool down, or irrigate cold water from the anus into the rectum, and then send it to the doctor as soon as possible. On the way to the medical treatment, pay attention to lowering the pet's head and straightening your neck to keep the respiratory tract open and prevent vomiting.
    This dog food
    You (or your dog) may be seriously allergic to something immediately. But this is also a very few extreme example -most allergies are due to long -term accumulation. For example, the inevitable way to allergies to chicken is to eat chicken every day. The most common allergies are caused by common ingredients in dog food all year round. The suggestions given by nutritionists are to feed dogs with diverse foods -and it is best to do so by puppies -help to avoid allergies (of course, the same is true for humans).
    M common allergic symptoms include itching of the skin, red claws, claws, yeast infections, ear infections, and cure by antibiotics, but antibiotic and recurrence of skin infections can be discontinued.
    So you should occasionally replace your dog food. The important thing is to replace dog food with different main ingredients. For example, it has been replaced from a brand of chicken rice and dog food to another brand of chicken rice and dog food. If you are feeding a dog food with chicken as the main ingredient, it will be better to replace it with lamb or turkey, fish, beef, etc. as the main ingredients and other ingredients.
    Peizobacter selection
    Pei Baches is an important factor in pet gastrointestinal health and even physical health. In the natural environment, animals can supplement probiotics by ingesting various raw food. Since the long -term food for family -raising pets, cat food, snacks, etc. are processed food, the intake of various food additives will continue to destroy the balance of pet gastrointestinal flora, which will easily cause gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, dilute, indigestion, gastroenteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases , So it is necessary to supplement pet probiotics to maintain the health of the stomach!
    The most important thing when selecting probiotic products is the activity of probiotics. Probiotics are living microorganisms. When the intake is sufficient, it will give physical health and various benefits. It is recommended that consumers give priority to choosing well -known pet probiotics prippers priority bacteria.
    If feeding techniques
    The feeding should be time, fixed -point, quantitative: see the appearance of a dog to eat, and know if the owner's feeding method is proper. Especially small dogs raised in the room with people are very important to cultivate their education. Feeding must be performed at a fixed time, and the location should be fixed. The amount of feeding should be fixed to avoid ca n’t be eaten or sufficient, and it is easy to go. You can prepare some clean water every day so that the dog can drink at any time. Cultivating dogs' good feeding gesture is the basic subject of daily training. It is not difficult to gradually transition from the initial eclipse to the initial eaten to stop and eat slowly, so that it can succeed repeatedly. You can't feed it on the dining table. Even if you see the dog drool around the dining table, you can't grab something and throw it to it. In this case, it is best to say a few words. Even if you want to feed them, you must give it in the place where it usually eats, and you must not feed it directly from the dining table.
    In combing
    1. Make the dog stand on the stage, and slowly brush down from the center of the back to the abdomen;
    2. After brushing the back, then brush the abdomen and the inner and outer side of the forefoot in turn; 3. Sort the head; Finally brush the tail.
    1. Use your right hand to hold your right hand when shaving, and hold the dog's mouth on your left hand; shave from the tip of the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, cheeks, corners, ears, necks, and chin;
    2. Four feet are only repaired to the heel, shaving the soles of the feet to separate the thumb and index finger, and be careful to shave the mixed hair in the middle;
    3. The hair around the back and the body and the abdomen is shaved short.
    The cleaning
    This to clean the ears and nails before cleaning, and then use a long cotton ball to block the ears to avoid water.
    1. Squeeze the pet bath solution and dilute it with water;
    2. Squeeze the anal glands with your thumb and index finger to clean the anal glands; Apply the head and whole body with diluted bath, gently rub the head, abdomen and limbs along the head, do not let the bath fluid flow into the eyes;
    4. After rubbing, clean the whole body with water and make some hair care for it, and then rinse it thoroughly.

    1. Wrap your body with a bath towel, move to the platform to dry the water;
    2. The remaining water is dried with a hair dryer. Starting from the head, use a brush on the one side until the root of the hair is completely blowing dry. After the hair dryer is finished, use a comb to re -sort out the hair.
    1. Open the dog's ears and let the dog lie down quietly. If your dog is not highly matched, let the dog stand on a higher chair or table and pull it. Because you are afraid of high, you will cooperate more, but personal suggestions still let the dog lie down quietly on your leg
    2. First dip the earlike powder with a little bit of the outer ear, and massage a little .. You can remove the ear hair of some obvious auricle with your fingers
    3. Then sprinkle some ear powder on the inside of the ears. The feeling of ear powder is a bit like a mule powder, which can help you see each ear hair clearly (pay attention to the quality, twist it with your hands after squeezing it in, and see if there is any hard block)
    4. Rub the ears for a while (don't dial immediately, let the ear powder work won't hurt)
    5. I just said that with my fingers, it usually refers to the range of the external ears. In the ear canal (the part of your eyes, if you are too deep, the baby will be uncomfortable or safe).) Fingers can be removed!
    3. Whether you use hematopoietic pliers or eyebrow clamps or fingers, you ask you to dial as fast as possible. The faster the more pain, the more it does not hurt. It is recommended that the ear hair can be processed a little longer. It will be easier!
    4. Because the dog's ears are not in the end, you need to adjust the direction of your pliers and eyebrows in a timely manner!
    5. Finally, use a cotton swab to clear the ear liquid, clean up the remaining powder in the ear, and make a big announcement! Many friends will definitely ask, isn't the ear powder be anti -inflammatory, why should they be cleaned, because the facial features are connected, and the remaining ear powder may reach the eyes, so don't save this step! Many times you need to take care of the owner. If you want your dog to have a strong teeth and healthy body, the owner should not be afraid of trouble without doing any health care. Because when you find a problem with the tooth of the poodle, it may be quite serious.
    1. The bite is incomplete
    The causes of its formation can be divided into two types: one is that the poodle's upper and lower jaws have problems during development, resulting in unable to open and close normally. The second is that when the greedy tooth grows, it is temporarily dental, and there is an abnormal growth. The poodle that suffers from uneven bite will get stuck when the mouth is closed, affecting eating.
    2, dental calculus
    otetic stones are mainly mixed with food residues and bacteria, that is, the original fierce of the bad breath and periodontal disease. Essence Therefore, the owner should regularly help the poodle to clean his teeth, and if necessary, he can even bring it to the veterinarian to wash his teeth. The most complicated furring of poodles and the most modified method. In order to participate in the exhibition, it should be trimmed according to a certain specifications and cannot be cut casually to avoid affecting the aesthetics. But as a family pet, in order to make the dog cool and appropriate, it can be trimmed by the Netherlands. The method is: the hair on the top of the head should be cut into a circular shape, and the length is moderate. You can leave a beard. The hair under the face, the ankle, and the tail and the tail of the tail should be cut short. 4 cm, and the hair of the waist and neck was cut short, it seemed like wearing jeans. The tip of the tail should be cut into a big hair ball, which is not only good -looking, but also makes people feel refreshing and eye -catching, and it will not occur. It can also be trimmed as follows:
    It dogs with smaller heads. In order to make up for this shortcoming, the hair on the head can be kept and cut into a circular shape. The hair should be long, so that the head is slightly larger and beautiful. Dogs with larger heads should cut the hair short, and the hair on the neck does not need to be cut short. Dogs with long faces should be trimmed on both sides of the nose into a round shape to emphasize the focus. Dogs with small eyes should cut off the hair of the upper eyelid for about two lines, so as to enlarge the circles.
    The short neck dogs can improve their shape through trimming the hair of the neck, and the hair in the middle of the neck should be cut deeper, which makes people feel the neck minister. After cutting the hair on the chest or hips, the body is loosening the hair of the body with a hair curls, which will make the body look shorter. Fat dogs, it is best to cut the hair of the whole body and cut the limbs into sticks, which can make the body look thinner.
    It all trimming methods, only the headdress can be free to play or be elastic. The hair only needs to retain enough length to trim the outline. The headdress refers to the position of the position from the stop to the back brain, which is the only position that maintains elasticity.
    puppy installation
    In a VIPs who are less than one year old can be trimmed by "puppies". The hair of the face, throat and feet and tail needs to be shaved. It can be seen that the hair on the feet is completely shaved. The end of the tail is hairy ball. The other parts are trimmed slightly, retaining the neat appearance and smooth outline lines.
    The hair on the face, throat, feet, front legs, and tail roots on the face, throat, foot, front legs, and tail root of the United Kingdom need to be shaved, leaving only a bracelet and a hairy ball at the forefoot part. The back of the back is a "blanket" composed of short hair, which outlines the curve. Other hair needs to be shaved. Part of the hair of the two hind legs shaved, leaving a "velvet ball" at the flying festival and the rear knee joint. You can see all the hair above the velvet ball and the feet. The other parts of the body are retained, but they must take care of the balance of the overall appearance.
    Suly European continent
    mo on the hair on the face, throat, feet, front legs, and tail root needs to be shaved, and most of the back of the rear body needs to be shaved, leaving only hairy balls in the hips (optional can be available (optional available for optional (optional available To. The front legs need to be left with a bracelet, a velvet ball, the hair on the legs and the rest of the feet is shaved. You can see that the hair above the velvet balls and the feet claws is all shaved. There is a hair ball at the tail. The other parts of the body are retained, but they must take care of the balance of the overall appearance.
    The hair on the face, foot claws, throat, and tail root needs to be shaved, cut a hat on the top of the head and leave a hair ball on the tip of the tail. The other part of the body is trimmed according to the outline of the dog's body, leaving about 1 inch of hair. Maybe the hair on the leg is slightly longer than the body. Outstanding experienced breeders can timely discover the disease of dogs in time according to some common symptoms, and treat them in time to ensure the healthy growth of dogs. The following symptoms may occur when they are sick.
    Stour weird
    First of all, you should think of whether it is tied into a foreign body, whether it is injured, whether there are fleas between the toe seams, and so on. If no obvious trauma is found, it may be because the pain caused by arthritis affects walking, or it may be dysplasia or bone development. Touching its feet, if screaming, a fracture or dislocation may occur.
    has no appetite
    It without appetite and spiritual spirit, you can observe for 1-2 days, but if you have no appetite and obviously thinner, you must attract attention. If the amount of eating is less than half of the usual usual, the old love is lying down, and you must take it to the hospital for examination. This situation can basically be found other diseases, and you should pay attention to observation.
    The drink water
    Dogs drink more water after walking. It is used to regulate the body temperature. If you do n’t drink much water, you should first consider whether the dog eats foods with excessive salt. In addition, high fever, dysentery, diabetes, kidney disease, urine or urchin disease, etc. are the causes of a large amount of water drinking water. In the absence of the cause, you should go to a pet hospital for veterinary diagnosis and treatment.
    This smell
    The pipes have no body odor. If you have a smell on your body, you should pay attention to observation. The odor in the mouth may be caused by dental or oral inflammatory disease; ear smell is caused by external otitis media, otitis media or ear ulcers; body hair odor should be taken into account skin inflammation or anal cyst Ulcers and abnormal urine secretions. After finding the stinky cause, you should find a veterinarian to see the doctor.
    Cuishing cough indicates that the dog's respiratory organs and bronchies are abnormal. If you do not diagnose and treat it in time after a cold, you may also cause bronchitis or pneumonia. If the cough is severe, it is likely to have asthma. If it is a foreign body inhaled, it will appear very painful when coughing. Cough when suffering from infectious bronchitis, please ask the doctor as soon as possible.
    This nose is dry
    . The dog's nose is dry when you wake up, but if you still have a fever at the same time, be careful. In addition, symptoms such as runny nose, nosebleeds, nasal swelling, and nostrils should not be ignored. The causes of these symptoms may be caused by rhinitis caused by colds, as well as head trauma, abscess, ulcer, lack of vitamin A, nutritional deficiency, etc.
    This salivation
    Ilk should be checked whether the oral disease is affected by oral disease, whether the oral cavity is stabbed by foreign bodies such as bone, wood chips, and whether the color of the roots of the teeth (such as white, yellowing, too red, black, etc.), there are any No other trauma.
    F frequent vomiting
    If the dog's mental improvement after vomiting, it is not a big deal. If you repeatedly vomit, or if you are weak and weak, you may have a problem.
    The reasons include: foreign body blocked, swallowing plastic bags, etc. Inspealless items, intestinal obstruction or bowel twisted twisted, Balpo's virus infection, hook -end spiral disease or other diseases. At this time, the owner should bring the dog's vomit to ask the doctor for treatment.
    Eye swelling
    If you find symptoms such as the swelling of the eyes, or the eyes are sticking to the eye feces around the dog's circles, you should ask a doctor for consultation. You must not make your own eye medicine to treat the dog.
    Hir removal
    The poodle is a very ornamental dog. It looks cute and is the pet dog object of many dog ​​dogs. The poodle is a dog who does not love hair removal, but this does not mean that the poodle does not remove hair. In life, some reasons will also make poodles remove hair. Then do you know, is there any reason for the hair removal of poodles?
    The nutrition deficiency, such as protein, vitamin deficiency, etc. The growth of the dog's hair requires sufficient protein, lack of protein, the growth of hair will be affected, and vitamin B deficiency will also cause hair removal.
    The skin diseases, such as hookworm disease, chigger mite disease, etc., can cause poodles to remove hair. The poodle with hookworm disease is thin, the conjunctiva is pale, and the hair is broken and lustrous and easy to break off. The hair removal spots often appear on the back, exposing the skin, and pimples or scabs on the skin. body. Similarly, the poodle with chigger mite disease has a flushed skin on the surface and rash, because of scratching, friction, and biting hair removal.
    A lice disease will also cause poodles to remove hair. The pathogen of this disease is parasitic-lice. The sick poodle will be itchy and unbearable, the skin surface breeds red dots, the fur becomes rough and non -gloss, and it is particularly easy to break. The hair is particularly easy to fall off.
    In addition to the above reasons, every year in the spring and autumn seasons, when climate change, in order to better adapt to the climate change, the poodle will also get rid of hair, and then grow new hair to help you adapt to the upcoming new new new new new new hair. The climate environment. Color: monochrome-black, white, chocolate color, gray, apricot and red
    Chocolate-should be dark, prefer to be darker, unified and soft. The pale and weak light brown is the loss of
    gray-must be unified, deep, no black or white
    apricot color-must be uniform, no pale yellow, creamy and creamy, and Red
    red-must be covered with all the body, you must pay attention to no light yellow
    eyelids, nose, lips, gums, upper Ernar, scrotum, scrotum and foot pads must be colored
    monochrome. In blue, gray, silver, chocolate color, milk coffee color, apricot and creamy color mixed with different shades, these shades of different shades often appear in the ears and other parts. The color is the first choice of the poodle that clarifies the clean and clean hair, and the miscellaneous hair is a defect. Chocolate -colored and milk coffee VIPs have liver nose, eyelids and lips, dark toes and dark amber -colored eyes. Black, blue, gray, silver, cream and white VIPs have black noses, eyelids and lips, black or close to the toe, and very deep eyes. Apricot VIPs have liver nose, eyelids and lips, and amber eyes are allowed but not top -up.
    It -lapse: Nose with incomplete colors, lips and eyelids, or wrong colors.
    This VIPs are lost. Flowers are two or even two or even more poodles.
    The original color-local leg color-all leg color
    black-cigarette gray
    chocolate-brown gray-champagne
    blue- -A blue gray-blue gray
    red-apricot color
    Xing color-cream-white
    white white -White-white
    taboo 1-Chocolate-colored dogs do not mate with apricot and mink-colored dogs
    everyone knows that except for chocolate color, other color dogs are best For black nose. Such reproduction will give other color dogs a chocolate nose. Because the effect of chocolate dehydration gene cannot be reflected in these dogs, it can be manifested through the skin, so you can see a red dog under the chocolate nose, but it can no longer be regarded as a chocolate gene because it has already already been with chocolate genes, because it has already been already It can be regarded as a chocolate dog
    Taboo 2-gray dogs do not mate with gray, black, blue and white dog
    It is for consumers. Why does the VIP fade? Why did my VIPs buy red and became apricot and even creamy? Can it only be faded? No, don't forget that the popular gray VIP is actually the faded black VIP. They are the culprits of carrying the fading gene. Because of the crowds of the Chinese pet market, anyone has reproduced, so there is unscientific in dog breeding. When you encounter any color fire, you can do what color, and the female dogs with any colors are looking for gray preparation. They do not consider any scientific knowledge at all, causing a large number of non -gray dogs with leg -color genes to be born, which leads to a large number of VIPs.
    This always classified: Who said that the VIP love faded? As long as the scientific reproduction is carried out to avoid dogs that do not need fading genes without fading genes. From generation to generation, this variety will be perfect
    The contraindication 3-black and white are actually imperfect. The breeding of racing can be said to be a professional breeder that black and white are the oldest and most stable colors of VIPs, so black white offspring must be relatively excellent. However, in the foreign breeding materials I read, a word appeared many times-Bad Black. This word is literally explaining "bad black". What does it mean? The gene reflected in this color is B-B/E-E/CE-CE. If you read the previous article and the beginning of this post, you will find that this refers to a black dog with a pure white gene. Black white is the source of this genome dog. Although foreign breeders cannot determine what problems these dogs exist, there is no doubt that such genes have caused trouble and defects for their melanin.

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