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  1. You can also take it out for a docile personality. You can choose a small and medium -sized hunting dog:

    , such as the golden retriever recovered dog and the Labrador hound. Both dogs are very obedient and docile. It is easy to train. As long as the fur is in place, it is rarely lost!

    is also a Big dog, short and thick, cute, considerate master, short hair, docile personality

    Many, if you have a personality, you can also choose a Siberia sled dog, with medium body shape, good constitution, easy training, beautiful appearance, and do not love hair loss.

    S selection of pets that are suitable for you depends on the fate in addition to the characteristics of the dog. Many owners decided to buy in an instant. When the dog shook his tail around you, I believe that no one could not bear to refuse. Below I found some information about the first raising dog, I hope to help you:

    "What kind of dogs should be raised"

    Dog or big dog?

    -"big, small" here refers to the difference between dogs. Puppy is easier to tame, and soon build a deep relationship with the owner. But the puppy has poor ability to take care of themselves, and it is very dependent on people. For a period of time, the owner needs to take care of it. You have to give it more time and energy for it. But when the dog grows up, you are the status of "dad" or "mother" in its heart. At the same time, the dog is taking care of it with one hand. Its status in your mind will be like your child.

    -The relationship between big dogs and you is similar to your brother. It does not require you to take care of too much. But if the big dog has a deep relationship with its original owner, you will run back to the original home when you don't pay attention. However, some big dogs' original living environment is not good, and they are always beaten when they are not full. If you treat it very well, it will often repay you with the biggest loyalty.

    -Please note that if it is a puppy, it is best to hold it when it is two months old.

    (2) raising dog or bitch?

    -From the perspective of appearance, the difference between the bitch and the male dog is just a little smaller.

    -from the perspective of personality, the bitch is more obedient and tame. The bitch has been in estrus twice a year, which means that at least half a year can have a nest of puppy. After the bitch after giving birth to a puppy, his body began to change, and he had a lot of hair removal. It was not beautiful in the past. The male dog is more naughty and active, but the body shape and hair color can be maintained for a long time. After the age of one year old (some large dogs want to be a little later), they will be attentive to the bitch dogs regardless of the occasion and regardless of time. If you like quiet, you can raise a bitch and dog. You can still see the birth of a puppy.

    (3) What kind of dogs do you raise?

    -Dogs are divided into small, medium, and large. The representative of a small dog is our common Beijing Habagat (Beijing); the representative of the medium -sized dog is Saabi; the representative of the large dog is black back. It is also a big expenditure to decide what dogs should be raised from your living conditions. In addition, large dogs should eat several times more feed. But no matter what dog you raise, don't forget to take it to run to the open air every day.

    (4) Raising long hair dogs or short -haired dogs?

    -long-haired dogs are very beautiful, but they must be sorted and cleaned every day. As soon as they take a shower, go out and go crazy to become a little mud monkey. And from all corners of the house, dogs will appear in all corners, which are not suitable for people who like clean. Short -haired dogs do not have the shortcomings above, and it is easy to dry after taking a bath. The opportunity of a cold is larger than long hair dogs. However, short -haired dogs are more afraid of cold, and some short -haired dogs (such as sandpie) have too many wrinkles, which are prone to severe skin diseases.

    -The above content helps you make a decision? If you decide, you can step into the ranks of the dog owner.

    Dogs may be the most suitable partner animal in human beings. Their average age is 11 to 15 years, or even more than 20 years. Is it a big dog or a small dog? Pets should be raised from an early age. It is best to choose dogs from February to June. In particular, we must take good care so that they can become a loved and attractive dog; choosing a dog or a bitch is also a problem that you need to consider. Gong dogs are usually larger and more lively than bitches. Carefulness and family, especially like children.

    The way of choosing pets is: pet companies' breeding farms, pet shops or friends from friends. The dogs in the regular department can only provide a bloodline certificate, which are: dog breeds, dog names, birthdays, sex, hair color, reproduction, immune time. In this way, you can understand the general situation of puppies and whether to inject vaccines. When we buy dogs, we must observe carefully. Do not overwhelm it. When observing, pay attention:

    The ears and eyes are very important. You should take a closer look at whether there is something wrong. Both ears are flexible, the ear canal should be cleaned, no odor, and the inside of the ears is pink as health. Do not have dandruff at the tip of the ear to prevent parasites and often throw your ears on the side. There may be problems in the ears.

    The skin should be soft and elastic, not hardcore and thick. Pay attention to whether the skin has a parasite or other skin diseases such as lice, chigger mites. Dogs with skin diseases or parasites must be unbearable in the short term. They scratch the lesions with the claws, and more than once, will continue to be repeatedly. You have to see the part of its scratching parts, whether there are erythema, and if you check it in detail, you will find that the skin is wrong.

    The special attention should be paid to the tail of the dog. If there is a "yellow seal", it is not suitable to buy. Also see if the anus has redness or ulceration.

    The foot pads of the dog. Soft and not cracking is a healthy dog.

    Observe whether dogs like to approach each other and people, do not choose dogs with neurotic, timid, and emotional instability.

    The bones of dogs should be paid to the dog's bones, such as no deformation of the skull, whether the spine is bent, the mandibular bone is cracking, the hip and knee joint dislocate, etc. It is best to touch its skull, upper jaw, and mandibular bone, and then touch the spine and limb bones along the cervical spine. Then let the dog move to see if its walking and running jumps are beautiful or clamor. It is best to throw paper or toys in front of it when the dog's attention is concentrated to guide it to run or flutter forward to see if its response is agile and whether the exercise is flexible, you can determine whether the limbs bone bone bone can be out of the bone bone. something wrong. Many dogs with problems are caused by close relatives breeding and inheritance, and should not be raised. These problems are observed by yourself, not what can be explained in the blood certificate.

    In selection of the dogs, ask the feeding situation clearly. If you want to change the food, you must reduce the feeding amount. After the love dog adapts, it will be restored to increase the amount of feed. If the epidemic injection is not performed, wait until the dog loves is adjusted before going. In this way, you have a healthy dog. Pay attention to the puppy's genetic disease when buying puppies, be sure to observe whether the genetic genes of puppies have infectious diseases. Otherwise, puppies buying a large price are not harmful to their families. Taking the spots as an example, many spotted dogs are short of teeth, which is the result of close relative breeding. Some puppies are extremely unstable in the temper and mood. If its previous generation of dogs bite, then the next -generation dog is also prone to this phenomenon. The eyelashes "inverted" eyelashes will stab the eyes of puppies. After one year of age, they will be more serious. There are many sand dogs and chopsticks.
    ======================================= ==========================
    "Select a dog that suits you"

    In many places, the phenomenon of purebred dogs can be seen, but there is no detailed introduction to the dog's habits. Here I will introduce the habits of common dogs.

    Staters are divided into several categories, and the standards of each country are different. Here I use British standards. Dogs are divided into working dogs, ornamental dogs, single hounds, hounds, shepherds, and more dogs.

    Puct dogs, generally smarter, good training, strong obedience. It has practical value.

    A view dogs are generally beautiful, but there is no brain, it is difficult to train, poor obedience, but it is very affixed with the owner.

    S single hounds are generally smart, vibrant and better. Training is also possible, strong obedience. Most of them are beautiful.

    The group hounds are generally smart, very vibrant, very moving, and greedy. Can't train (although smart, but poor restraint ability). Very posted by the owner, but not listening to passwords. Most of them are very beautiful,

    The shepherds are very smart and energetic. Most of them can be trained and have strong obedience. Very attached to the owner.

    is more dog -like, very smart, active, like to plans holes. Can not be trained, poor obedience. Not very affixed with the owner.

    above is generally speaking, of course, there are exceptions. Here are the introduction of common varieties.

    The shepherd dogs;

    Sipland Shepherd; most of them are gentle and can be trained. Very listening to the master's words. Bringing out of the house is not caused, and the price was blindly fired by the dog market in the past two years. It has fallen now, it is the timing of buying. The disadvantage is that you do not see the house.

    The shepherd dog; timid, smart, can be trained. Don't like people other than the owner. Will be a housekeeper. Like to call.

    Pevol -style shepherd; gentle and generous personality, can be trained. It's good to anyone, don't get rid of trouble when you go out, and adapt to anywhere. Don't look at home.

    Teon Shepherd: Misunderstanding dog! Personality is stable and very good for training. Very attached to the owner. Can be everything you can do. If you go out, you will not cause trouble (if you are a purebred dog, and you often go out), you will see it.

    The working dog

    Duberman; personality is more alert and well train. You can obey the owner and you can see it. There is a certain danger when going out (if you have trained, there is no problem).

    Rowana; fierce personality, very good training, obey the owner, you can see the house. It is dangerous to go out. (Training can be solved).

    Pitt dogs; fierce personality, cannot be trained. Gentle to the owner, I don't like to have people. Be careful when going out! There is no big dog. Unless you want to fight dogs or attack others or dogs. Of course you can see it.

    boxer dogs; stable personality. Can be trained. October the owner. There is a certain danger to go out. Not to others, but for other dogs (training can be resolved). You can see the house. I like it very much.

    Husky; seeing this dog reminds me of Su Mu a few years ago! The market is blindly fried as dog species. Except for beauty, there are no advantages, very smart, but not training. Like to mess up. The obedience to the owner is average. I like everyone, so I can't see it. There is no danger to go out.

    Samoyed dogs: Tong Husky.

    French bullfighting; very smart, can be basic training. Personality. There is a certain danger when going out (fortunately it is small). Like the owner, not close to others. You can see the house and like to call.

    Burglogs; general minds, not easy to train. Personality is a bit fierce. There is a certain danger to go out. Don't get close to others. You can see the house. Dan Dog: Very smart, good training. Personality stable. Accept with the owner. Safety out. If you like to contact people or dogs, you can see your house. (Mainly depending on the image, Hu Dan is the most expensive, followed by, Kim Dan, Heidan, Madan, Bai Dan, and Huadan)

    Shengbo dog; very smart, can be basic training. Good obedience to the owner. Safety out. You can see the house.

    Great white bear dogs; Tongxiong.

    S single hounds;

    Golden hair hunting dogs; very smart, active, good training. Attachment the owner. It's safe to go out. Like others and dogs. But do not look at the house


    The British instructed dogs; very clever, can be basic training. (Don't be too high). It is safe to go out and like others and dogs. Can't see the house. Like to scream.

    giant puzzle; very smart, very good training. October with good obedience and safety. You can see the house. Mini poodle; very smart, can be trained, obedient. Safety out. Can't see the house,

    The intestinal dog, very smart, unable to train, poor obedience. Easy to attack others and dogs. You can see the house. Greed.

    Baggi Dog; very clever, unable to train, obedience is equal to zero! Safe out, like others and dogs. Very greedy. Can't see the house.

    Migru dogs (Birgel): Baggi Dog

    Theli hunting dog; very smart, you can train basic training (requiring not too high). Poor obedience! Safety out. Like others and dogs, you can't see it.

    Afghan dogs; very smart, unable to train, poor obedience! Safe on others, and may attack small dogs. Can't see the house.

    Lingti; basically the dogs of Afghanistan

    viewed dogs;

    Beijing dogs; stupid, not training. Oceanability is okay. Basic safety. You can see the house.

    This poodles; very smart, can be basic training, good obedience. Safety out. Can't see the house. Very attached to the owner.

    Chihuahua dogs; stupid head, training impossible! The obedience is equal to zero. Will be a housekeeper.

    deer dogs: basically the same as Chihuahua dogs

    Bel Mei Dog: Basically the same as Chihua Dog

    The Sherry dog ​​is very smart and can train a little. (Don't be too high) Go out for safety. Strong dependence on the owner. You can see the house. Like to call, love random planing.

    Yorkxia is more; very smart, not training. Safe is safe, but it is easy to attack other dogs. You can see the house. Like to scream.

    Tozhou silk hair; very smart. But not training. Very enthusiastic about family. You can see the house. Safety out.

    This above is definitely not absolutely accurate, I hope to help friends who want to buy dogs. Even if it is not all right, you can refer to at least.

    It details you can find on my website, there are photos and introduction of all dogs!

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  2. I suggest that you are giving you golden retriever or Labrador (Little Q). You don’t know how proud it is the owner of a golden retriever. He has a golden yellow fur. It is called a popular lover. Good, very good training, strong execution ability! Mild personality! Also, it is that Jacheti doesn't know if you will like it! In short, the golden retriever I raised is my pride!

  3. I don’t know if you like large or small ones. If it is large, it is the one mentioned on the first floor ~~ Small is Bomei, but card ~~ Chihuahua

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