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  1. As China's living conditions are getting better, more and more people like to raise dogs as pets. But it is better to raise a dog and advise you to raise a puppy, because there are 6 benefits to raising puppies, not big dogs can be comparable!
    Reason 1: Puppy better raising dogs requires a certain amount of breeding space and activity space. In large cities, they are often gold. There must be a lot of inconvenience in small and medium -sized people. However, raising puppies does not have this trouble. Little dogs have not demanding raising space and will not be banned by cities.
    Reason 2: The puppy is holding a lot of people who like dogs who like dogs. They have seen the pet owner who raised big dogs walking home with a large dog and seeking big dogs. Raising a dog, the owner asked the owner to have a pair of "unicorn arms" and "iron casting waist", otherwise it is likely to be overwhelmed when the big dog was hugged and flashed to the old waist.
    Reason 3: The puppy with a small amount of motion of puppies is small, and some dogs can even be tired at home. The big dogs are different. The big dog is very energetic. It usually takes more than two hours to bring it out. If you can't enjoy it, you may not be willing to go home or destroy the venting energy at home.
    The reasons 4: One of the benefits of puppies will not demolish their puppies, that is, the puppy has a small strength and can not be demolished. As long as you give a grinding toy toy, you can let the puppy bite for a whole day. Essence Mid -large dogs such as Husky and Alaska dogs are all good players, and they are very good. The door can be dismantled for you.
    The reason 5: Puppy is more likely to take care of the dogs to take a bath. There are two major difficulties. One is that the dog is unwilling to cooperate, and the other is the bigger dog, the more difficult to take a bath. It is normal to take a shower in the afternoon. The advantage of raising puppies is that puppies are easier to take care of bathing, and "cow does not drink water and press hard". Puppy is small and cannot resist the owner. However, it is recommended to use snacks to induce the reward. sweet.
    Reason 6: The main costs and long -term expenses of puppies in puppy foods are dog food. Therefore, the owner is a medium and large dog with a large appetite. Wallets will be easier to empty. If you are sick, the owner may have to eat soil. The good nourishing puppy is that the puppy eats smaller, can save money for the owner, and more detailed.
    The puppy should also pay attention to light diet and low salt. People with high salt or dog food often cause the puppy's hair to fade, hair loss, and tear marks. It is recommended to choose natural foods with light and low salt, high fresh meat content, and deep -sea fish oil. It can effectively care for the healthy hair of the dog, repair damaged hair, beauty fixing color, alleviate the dog's tear marks and hair loss. Occasionally, some vegetables are fed to improve the balanced diet structure, and the dogs will thrive and healthy.

  2. Dogs are human friends. First of all, dogs can be accompanied by people. In the eyes of dogs, you are all of it. Their love for you is more simple. Dog's nature is close to others, and friendly.

  3. Dogs are the best friends of human beings. Usually raising puppies can relieve loneliness and loneliness, make their mood better, and maintain a positive sunshine attitude.

  4. Dogs are good friends of human beings. The benefit of raising puppies is that dogs have been raised by themselves since they were young. It has a deep relationship and loyalty to itself. It will treat you as your only one.

  5. I think the benefit of raising a puppy is that it can make your life better, you can pass your boring time, make your home warmer, and make your mood more pleasant.

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