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  1. The most intuitive benefit of raising dogs does not need to say that everyone knows, it is to accompany. But in addition to this, raising dogs can bring us a lot of benefits, see the advantages below, and see which point can move your heart.
    1. You can comfort you

    It dogs are one of the animals that can understand human emotions. When you are sad, the dog will get close to you to comfort you. When you are happy, they will also shake their tails and be happy with you. Studies have shown that as long as the cute dogs appear in front of you, the troubles in your heart can be temporarily forgotten.
    2, can also reduce suicide rate

    suicide is the most serious health threat facing veterans. If they start raising dogs, they will make them have a sense of responsibility. They feel that they are concerned, and dogs will not ask themselves what they used to be, they will only accompany you silently.
    3, touching dogs can lower blood pressure

    can dog breeding can make the heart healthier? Yes, studies have found that when people touch dogs, they feel like comforting people's minds, which can effectively reduce blood pressure. And often getting along with dogs can reduce the rate of heartbeat of the human body, which is good for human health. Perhaps friends with high blood pressure can try a obedient dog. Of course, it is best not to raise a dog who may make high blood pressure.
    4. Social life is more active

    The people who raised dogs are more trustworthy than ordinary people in society. They can increase the positive energy of the soul with dogs. There will be a circle of infection with you, and there will be a circle of dogs. Usually everyone walks the dogs together, and I also know many friends.
    5. Cultivate your patience

    It is not a simple matter to let dogs learn how to live with the owner, to teach them to understand the rules of life, distinguish between right and wrong, and even training outstanding training. The talent of talent requires the fullness of the owner. When the dog is achieved, the patience of the owner has also grown together.
    6. Help children grow

    The benefits of growing children with pets with pets, helping develop their emotions, learn how to get along with dogs, so that children have since childhood. Love, responsible, can learn to express yourself in more ways, and can better get along with others.
    wants to accompany the children with healthy growth to ensure that the dog's daily nutrition is the responsibility of the owner. It is important to choose a suitable, high -quality dog ​​food for dogs.

  2. In rural areas, people need to raise dogs because they need to look at home to prevent thieves from getting home to prevent other animals from stealing food or chickens and ducks at home. What makes people even more is the dog in their posts and become a good helper for people. For example, guide dogs, dogs needed by blind people, guide dogs are the eyes of visually impaired people, assistants, intimate ones, intimate ones Family members and loyal partners. Seeing the work of the guide dog and the contribution of them to the visually impaired people, you will love these working dogs more.

  3. The benefits of raising dogs are that one is to satisfy my interest in dogs, the second is to solve the loneliness of myself alone, and the third is to experience the feelings between people and animals.

  4. 1. The mood becomes clear, dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings, and they can detect people's emotions. When you are happy, they shake their tails and laugh at you. When you are sad and sad, the dog will be close to you to comfort you and stay with you.
    2. Raising dogs can increase the amount of exercise, which makes people healthy and lively. Especially when raising a big dog, when taking it out for a walk every day, it is less than half an hour or one or two hours. Even if you do n’t run and do n’t deliberately go to fitness, the amount of exercise will not be small.
    3. Looking at the good helper of the home protective garden, dogs have been a good helper for home care since ancient times. With them help you see your home, you are never afraid that there will be thieves entering the house to steal the west.

  5. There are countless benefits to children growing in families with pets, especially in their emotional development. "Children get along with dogs, can learn to express themselves in more ways, and can better get along with others! Raising dogs is the most obvious. The advantage is that you add a security guard at your home. You can see your home for your home. Dogs have a consciousness of the territory and will have a high warning of strangers who violate the territory.

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