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    The car has become the most common travel tool today. Generally, you can use cars when traveling. It is necessary to take a car. If your dog is accustomed to taking a car, what we need to consider is what to pay attention to with a dog.

    The method of maintaining the seat
    No matter what car is, the service target of the car seat design is human, and the large and adjustable leather seats are very pleasant, but this is not a dog a feeling of. The dog will spit his tongue in excitement in the car, flows to the seat, and keep scratching when it is irritable, and the strong seat will be damaged. At this time, you can spread a few newspapers on the seat, or simply make a small chair cover. Although simple, it can effectively protect the seats. Those who love cars and love dogs may wish to try it.
    The minor way to ensure driving safety
    It high -speed cars can be tied to safely to maintain yourself, but this safe belt is not good for dogs. It is very dangerous to hit the car body like a shell. You can put a dog into a dog box to solve this problem. The dog box is small, holding the dog's body tightly, like a safe hat worn on the worker's head. In emergency braking, the dog box can ensure that the damage to the dog is minimized. At the same time, the dog box can also ensure that the dog will not interfere with the driver during driving to prevent danger.
    The approach to deal with random dogs
    It dogs like to plane on the chair, and some dogs are determined to be a road singer. Dogs, you can use bitter liquid to spray seats, and at the same time put a dog's favorite toy in the car to divert its attention; in addition to wearing a mouth of a dog, you also need to strengthen your usual usual. Obief training
    The little way to deal with excessive dogs
    For cars without the window of the window, direct sunlight will make the dog restless in the car. The temperature rises rapidly, which is not good for dogs' health and driving peace. The solution is very simple. A sunscreen sticker is posted on the window or simply posted a sunscreen film for the window.
    do not leave the dog alone in the car
    The dogs that are placed in the car alone will danger. The dog's body temperature is very poor. In summer, the temperature in the car is very high. Dogs ca n’t live in this environment for a while and will be in danger due to excessive body temperature. Therefore, the dog must not put the dog alone in the car alone in the car alone in the car. Inside.

  2. 1. Give the dog a chance to urinate at a time before taking the car. Let him drink water and eat something before departure, about 1/3 of the normal. Some dogs can't eat things before going out, you will find this situation in constant groping.

    2. Stop the car after a while, at least 2-3 hours to give the dog a chance to stretch your waist, urinate and drink some water. In the car, let the dogs eat some more after 4-5 hours. There are a small amount of food in the stomach that allows many dogs to calm down.

    3. Put the dog in the co -pilot position. Small dogs are placed in the aviation box and placed on the rear seats; large dogs are placed directly on the rear seats. When driving, pay attention to control the speed and try to avoid braking.

    4, dry food, and dogs enjoy lunch in the suburbs under the shade of the tree. It is best to stop in a cool place to avoid exposure.

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