Where can Maoming have a dog market?

Where is the dog market in Maoming?
has more varieties, cute.

3 thoughts on “Where can Maoming have a dog market?”

  1. There are dogs selling dogs under the bamboo garden bridge. You can consult them, or set the goods. The same is the same as the pet hospital opposite the people's side door or the club next to it.

    The people who sell puppies in the place opposite the 2nd recently, you can see it.

  2. There are many varieties of dog markets. The most famous is dog meat pot with smooth skin. There are also burning, steaming, cooking, and frying. You can also make different characteristic delicious dog meat according to the different tastes of customers.

  3. Dizzy, people want to buy dogs to raise, not to buy dog ​​meat!

    It is a pet shop opposite the west gate of ethylene life, where there is a dog bought. Find it, go and see!

    Finally, thank you for adopting!

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