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  1. Dogs can use pets for natural plant soaps for pets, which can disinfect and sterilize; or use pet shower gels to play the effect of odor, deworming, moisturizing, and skin care. It is not recommended to use soap and shower gel to take a bath, which will cause great harm to its skin. If the dog is too young, you can use a dried powder to help it clean the hair.
    1. Pet soap
    The owner can use pets for natural plant soaps for dogs to bathe the dog, which can have the effect of disinfection and sterilization without harming the dog's skin. It is not recommended to use soaps for people to bathe for dogs, which will hurt the dog's skin and cause a large amount of hair loss.
    2. Pet shower gel
    The owner can also use a pet shower gel to take a bath to the dog. Not only can it remove the odor, but also deworming and help the dog moisturize the hair and care for the skin. When bathing, the foam needs to be rubbed for more than five minutes; after washing, the hair should be rinsed. Similarly, it is not recommended to use people with a bath, otherwise it will hurt the dog's skin.
    3. Dry powder washing
    For puppies younger, the owner can use the dog to clean the hair with dry washing powder. Spray a little warm water to wet the hair when used, and then sprinkle with dry powder evenly. Use your hands to rub for about 8 minutes. The movement should be gentle, and finally combine all the powder.

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