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  1. It is best to use a pet shower gel to take a bath for the dog. This is because the pet shower gel is weak alkaline. Long -term use can achieve the effect of beauty and skin care, making the dog's hair more shiny. And it is safe and reliable. Do not worry about harming the dog's skin alkaline. It can also remove fleas more effectively, eliminate bacteria and parasites, and make the dog's epidermis cleaner and refreshing.
    . The dogs are bathing with pet shower gel. , Also damage their skin. Pet -dedicated shower gel is developed for dog skin characteristics, which can effectively clean, remove fleas, and improve dog skin quality.
    . The benefit of pet gel in pet gel 1. Beautiful hair skin care

    The composition of pet gel is a bit similar to the medicine soap we usually use, but it is gentle and delicate than the soap, and add pet beauty appropriately Mao components are more conducive to the maintenance of dog hair. Dogs that have been bathing in a pet gel long for a long time will have a softer, dense hair, and shiny.
    2. Safe and reliable

    long -term use of too alkaline shower gel will damage the dog's skin, and pet shower gel is weak alkaline, which is safer for dogs reliable. While cleaning the dog, it can also effectively protect the dog's epidermis and make it more likely to be allergic to skin.
    3. Sterilization of flea

    The epidermis of dogs usually hides a lot of invisible bacteria and parasites. The use of pet shower gel can effectively achieve the effect of disinfection and anti -virus. And eliminate a variety of body surface parasites, which is more hygienic. This can effectively ensure the health of the dog and not easy to carry parasites.

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