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  1. Bathing for puppy, if it is said to be used for shampoo, it is best to use pets, because the pH value of the dog's skin is different from us. Dry, itchy, and more serious will cause allergies, so it is best to use pet fragrance waves. If it is dedicated to pets, soap is also possible, there are pet shops, and the price will not be very expensive. For dogs with lice fleas, because of these effects of shower gels, the irritation is not low. Long -term use will make the hair not shiny and rough. In fact, you can prepare two types of hair washing. A kind of killing flea, a refreshing hair protection, if you take a bath once a week, then you can wash it twice for refreshing hair, and then wash the flea once.

  2. Buy dogs for dogs for a bath. The cheapest is "Bobo" (you will know when you ask people when you ask each other). Mine is a long -haired dog, Bomei, so I use the beautiful hair.
    I bought me 25 yuan a bottle in the pet shop. Later, my colleagues bought the same exactly 8 yuan 5. I'm furious. What kind of dog is your family? The golden retriever of our factory also uses waves. hey-hey. Sell ​​16 pieces of large bottles online. Every time you bathe the dog, do not apply the bath liquid directly to the dog's fur. Mix the bath liquid in water and stir. Then take a bath for the dog. Anyway, these bottles are written.

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