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  1. Symptoms of dog poisoning:
    1, drooling: During a certain period of time, a large amount of drooling of the dog and frequent urination will also occur. The dog is likely to be poisoned. It's right.
    2, low body temperature: Dogs will decrease when the dog is poisoned, and it will even be trembling even more "cold" than usual.
    3, vomiting and diarrhea: Dogs will also have inexplicable vomiting frequent diarrhea without eating. This situation is also likely to be poisoning.
    4. Energy: Dogs will be very excited after poisoning, the muscles on the body will also tremble, and then it can cause coma.
    The expansion information:

    1. Food poisoning: Dogs have no ability to discern food for food, such as some expired foods, or foods that dogs are taboo. After the dog eats the expired and corrupt food, it will seriously affect gastrointestinal health and lead to poisoning.
    2, fasting food: Onion and chocolate, dogs are firmly unable to eat these two foods. Chocolate also has a large amount of cocoa base. This substance can affect the blood flow of the dog transported to the brain. The blood flow in the brain decreases, which may cause dog heart disease or more serious diseases.
    3. Eat pesticides by mistake: pesticides generally have very strong toxicity. Whether people or dogs are eating by mistake, they will seriously threaten life. After the dog eats pesticides by mistake, it will first perform abnormally excited, and then the phenomenon of twitching and spitting out of the mouth.
    4. Mistake -oriented rat -extinguishing medicine: Some families will prepare some mice or cockroach medicines to deal with abominable mice and cockroaches. Sometimes the dogs are eaten by mistake, the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and mouth will bleed. Severe nerve numbness can cause it to die until death.

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