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  1. Introduce a few more common poisoning phenomena
    The first type: I by mistake, killing mouse medicine
    . If you take the mouse medicine by mistake, then the dogs will have chronic poisoning diligence, bleeding will be them One of the most obvious features. The incubation period of this symptom is about 2-5 days. The early symptoms are similar to the cold, but in the middle and late stages, internal and external bleeding will occur. Outblowing often shows nosebleeds, vomiting, hematuria, or blood stool. Internal hemorrhage can cause dogs to breathe air crash, etc. Some will affect the nervous system. If the poisoning is deeper, the dog will die of bleeding.
    The main symptoms of dogs who eat pesticides by mistake
    This dogs with pesticide poisoning are excessive excitement in the early stage, and then various convulsions will occur. The pupils will also become smaller, and the serious one will directly become a line -like, and then constantly pulls out or even incontinence. In the later period, it will eventually die due to suffocation. If the poisoning is relatively shallow, the dog will have symptoms of blood in the stool after 12-24 hours.
    The third type: Food poisoning

    This is caused by the dogs that the dog eats metamorphic food. There are many bacteria in deterioration foods, which can cause the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea in the dog. When it is serious, it will cause convulsions and breathing difficulties, and even convulsions!

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Symptoms of the early stages of poisoning. Dogs often have obvious symptoms when they are just poisoning, that is, the saliva is continuously flowing down. In addition, if you look closely, you will find that the dogs start to urinate frequently at this time and always want to go up frequently. Toilet, if you look at its eyes, you will find that its pupils are constantly expanding now. When you touch the dog with your hands, your heartbeat will find that its heartbeat is constantly accelerating. These are dogs. Some of the poisoning symptoms in the initial period, found that these symptoms must be treated in time for dogs, and can go directly to pet hospitals for gastric lavage.n2. In the later symptoms, if the first symptoms do not observe, the symptoms of slow dog poisoning will become more and more serious. The symptoms in the later period often show that consciousness starts to dispersal, and even does not know their owners, some dogs, some dogs. It may gradually coma, and the spirit is particularly depressed and lying directly in some places, and even seeing its body will find continuous convulsions, and at this time its breathing will become weaker and weaker, so it won't take long for dogs Will lose your life. Therefore, the owners must pay attention to some abnormal symptoms of dogs when raising dogs, such as these symptoms of poisoning, if there is any timely, they must take the dog to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise it is likely to be very likely It endangers the life of dogs.

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